The idea for Boundary emerged when our co-founder, Robin, was visiting the United States on his honeymoon. He realised that if he was burgled there was nothing he could do except watch events unfold on his smart camera. The alarm he had didn’t have a good user experience at all either.

On returning to Scotland Robin looked around the market for a reasonably priced self-install security system but couldn’t find one. This is what led him to explore how technology could transform the sector. Robin and co-founder Paul set out to build something better looking, easier to use, with better features and for less money. Boundary was born!

  1. 2018

    1. May 2018

      We scoped out the idea with several feasibility exercises. It’s definitely a goer!

    2. June 2018

      A Rapid Learning Cycle is conducted with industrial design and electronics specialists. Our heads are spinning with the possibilities.

    3. June 2018

      Qualitative independent market research is conducted and reaffirms that we’re on the right track.

    4. July 2018

      Our team grows with the appointment of industrial and electronics designers, as well as embedded systems team and ex Honeywell sensor specialist.

    5. August 2018

      Piggy banks are raided and a £1,000,000 investment is made by co-founders.

    6. September 2018

      The Boundary family grows with the appointment of an Operations Manager and Senior Mobile Software Engineer

    7. September 2018

      Quantitative market research results showed 78% of 409 respondents chose Boundary’s proposed solution over branded competitors. Top choice!

    8. October 2018

      First concept designs produced. WOW!

    9. November 2018

      Full stack systems engineer appointed.

    10. December 2018

      Marketing Manager is appointed.

  2. 2019

    1. June 2019

      Boundary is kicked into gear with the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.