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Smart Home Integration

Freedom to make clever things happen.

Smart lighting, speakers, plugs, thermostats and various other home comforts are all finding ways to slot into our lives and prove useful. And dare we say it, are even fun to play around with.

Boundary connects seamlessly with other devices using a number of simple integrations. We’ve created 16 IFTTT applets but it’s easy to create them yourself. Manage them within the ‘Integrations’ section of your Boundary app.

Boundary works with Alexa and Google Home

  • ‘Hey, set the alarm’. Use voice control and a verbal PIN to set/unset the alarm with your favourite smart speakers. (Unsetting the alarm with your voice isn’t possible with police response for security reasons.)
  • Use the status of any sensor in the system to start routines. For example, have the hall lights go on when you open the front door or disarm the alarm on the driveway.
  • Leave the house and turn off all the lights as well as smart plugs. (Useful for teenagers who leave hair tongs on when they go out!)

Boundary is listed in the Alexa Skills catalogue and the Google Home app store. Simply search for Boundary and add it to your system. Log-in to Boundary and the two will automatically link.

Boundary and IFTTT (If This, Then That)

IFTTT fans have created 1000s of integrations with other smart home products (including Philips Hue). It’s worth checking the existing Boundary applets at ifttt.com. Available on all monthly plans except Lite.

  • Disarm the alarm when you arrive home
  • Arm/disarm the alarm on a schedule
  • Play a dog barking or a loud siren on speakers if the alarm goes off
  • Link to your smart light bulbs and have lights turn on and off randomly to simulate occupancy when the alarm is set and you’re not at home.

Security first. Now and always

Boundary system meets all government standards of security for consumer IoT and carries the Internet of Things (IoT) Security Foundation security mark. No matter what system Boundary integrates with, you know your security-sensitive data is safe.

IoT Gold

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