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PIR Motion Sensor

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How PIR sensors work

Movement sensors are the watchmen of your home. From the corners of rooms, they scan for burglars by detecting changes in infrared heat. They’re pivotal to a successful home security system.

A PIR sensor uses two sensors in conjunction to detect motion in a room. Each individual sensor houses a pair of pyroelectric sensors. When there’s a change between the two sensors they jump into action. They have been made to detect body heat.

Our motion sensors:

  • Can be calibrated to disregard pets under 35kg
  • Use pulse counting technology
  • Initiate self-tests for faults
  • Have sealed lenses to stop insects causing false alarms

Boundary motion sensors have also been designed to conform to Grade 2 UK and European Standards BS EN50131 (certification pending). This means they’ve been designed to minimise false alarms.

Motion sensors protect every room

Use our wireless PIR sensors with our door & window contact sensors for optimal protection. Every Boundary security product is designed to offer an additional layer of security and they work best when you get the whole system. They make up part of all of our home security bundles.

Our motion sensors feature:

  • 12-month battery life
  • Anti-tamper technology
  • Long-range connectivity
PIR Motion Sensor

PIR Sensor FAQs

This will depend entirely on your home and the number of rooms you want to have sensors in. It’s not always a case of “the more the better”. You’re generally better off placing them in important positions in your home. These are points you know people will have to go past when they’re navigating your home. As such you may only need to have a couple but in key positions. Placement is key.

We’d recommend placing your motion sensors in key areas of your house. The optimal is ‘choke’ areas, i.e. places that people will have to pass to access other parts of your home or the room they are in. Generally, high traffic areas, popular points of entry or important rooms are where you need them. A few places you should consider as key areas for motion sensors include stairwells, hallways, outside the ‘master’ bedroom, basements and doorways. Motions sensors are most effective when placed in the corner of a room or hallway at a height of 2.25m. At this height, anyone entering the room through the door or window will be picked up (even if they are crawling on the floor). Minimum 5cm gap left between top of sensor and ceiling. For more details, check out our guide on where to put your PIR sensors. We also cover the places not to put your sensors.

Motion sensors are designed specifically to detect motion outside and sometimes inside your home. A PIR sensor is a more reliable and intelligent type of motion sensor that uses infrared to detect motion. It can detect movements from people, large animals and other warm objects which move.

PIR sensors are motion sensors that have been specifically designed to work in the dark. Rather than detecting motion via light, they do it based on changes in the level of infrared. This means that low light levels aren’t an issue for our wireless alarm system.

Your pets can set off a PIR sensor, but we’ve developed an intelligent workaround for this with our pet-friendly alarm systems. You can use the Boundary app to enable your motion sensor so it ignores anything that weighs 35kg or less. This means that most pets will be able to move around freely without setting off your sensors. If you have a particularly large dog we’d recommend making a pet-safe area in your house without any sensors.

No, they can’t. Boundary’s sensors contain tamper-proofing technology. We take your security seriously and have worked to create a PIR sensor that’s immune to common criminal techniques. Our motion sensors can’t be beaten with high heat and have anti-jamming security technology. They also have tamper protection that will alert you to any forced opening of the device.

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