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How our external siren works

The Boundary outdoor alarm siren is the ultimate deterrent. With an LED light to maximise visibility and the threat of a 95-decibel siren, no one will set foot on your property. It’s an outdoor alarm that has been designed to be mounted on an external wall.

  • 95-decibel siren
  • Battery life of over 12 months
  • Connects to Central Hub with Z-wave 700
  • Blue pulsing light between 7pm and 11pm
  • Red flashing light when alarm is activated

Comes with exterior screws, rawl plugs and a built-in spirit level.

Outdoor Siren Slim

Outdoor Siren FAQs

The outdoor alarm siren sounds when one of the following criteria is met: One of your PIR sensors is triggered, one of your door & window contact sensors is triggered, or any aspect of the home security system detects that it is being tampered with.

Our external alarms sirens have a volume between 95dB–100dB. This will sound continuously for a 15 minute period to meet British Standards.

Our alarm siren batteries last for at least 12 months without needing to be replaced.

When your alarm is sounding you can turn it off from either the Boundary app or the alarm hub control panel. From the app, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions and for the alarm hub, you’d either need to enter a code or touch your alarm key fob.

When you are installing your siren you need to consider the following: It must be out of reach from potential criminals, it must be easily visible from outside your home to let them know your home is protected, and it must be within range of the central alarm hub. We would recommend placing it high up on the front or side of your home’s external wall, high enough up that it can’t be reached.

Our siren is our burglar alarm. When your wireless alarm system is tripped it will sound continuously for 15 minutes to both act as a deterrent and alert others to the break-in.

The Boundary alarm is designed to emit it’s siren continuously if it detects it is being tampered with. If this happens you’ll only be able to silence it physically using a fob or the app. If your siren is being tampered with, your app will send you an alert.

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