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Key Fob (Pack of 2)

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What our alarm fobs do

Hover the key fob in front of your central alarm hub to easily arm and disarm the home security system when you’re coming and going. This means you can offer a fob to your kids, a cleaner or anyone who you want to give access to your home without giving out a passcode.

The Boundary app gives you total control over your key fobs, allowing you to activate and deactivate them. You can also check history logs to see when they were used.

Our alarm key fobs come in packs of two.


Activate & deactivate your alarm with a touch of your key fob

It’s as easy as it sounds.

  • Simple activation or deactivation of your alarm with a touch
  • Pair new alarm fobs in the app or unpair unused fobs

Our alarm fobs come with all our home security bundles.

Key fob alarm system FAQs

Simply touch against the central hub and your fob will wirelessly communicate to arm or disarm your wireless alarm system effortlessly in seconds.

With Boundary, you don’t program your own fob, you simply pair or unpair them. Pairing or un-paring an alarm fob with the Boundary app is simple. You can pair and unpair the key fobs whenever you want. To activate one, just follow these steps. First, make sure the user has been created in the Boundary system. Login to the Boundary app on your phone. Go to Settings > User > The user you wish to assign the fob to. The hub display will then show it is ready to pair a new fob.

If you’ve lost a fob, or simply want to remove one from your DIY alarm system you just need to follow these steps. Login to the Boundary app on your phone. Go to Settings > Key fobs and tap the user you wish to edit. Answer Yes to unpair the fob from that user. Find out more about adding and removing key fobs.

Magnets do not cause any problems for our alarm fobs.

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