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Individual Products

Designed in the UK by security experts and leading software developers. Here’s everything you need to outsmart all known threats to your home security.

  • Door & Window Contact Sensor

    Install these sensors and you’ll know exactly when any door or window opens in your home. Any unauthorised entry will immediately set off the alarm.

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  • PIR Motion Sensor

    Wireless and pet safe, these PIR sensors detect any human movement, day and night, when you are not at home.

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  • Key Fob (Pack of 2)

    Hover the key fob in front of your central hub to easily arm and disarm the system when you’re coming and going. Pack of 2.

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  • Outdoor Siren

    This outdoor siren is the ultimate deterrent. With an LED light to maximise visibility and the threat of a 95 decibel siren, no one will set foot on your property.

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  • Desk Stand

    Don’t want to wall mount your hub with screw fixings? The Boundary Desk Stand holds your hub safely and securely in position on any flat surface.

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