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Door & Window Contact Sensor

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How Boundary’s door and window sensors work

Contact sensors are the guardians of your home. They monitor your access points including entry doors, internal doors and windows. If anybody opens these, your central alarm hub will notify you via the Boundary app.

One part contains a sensor and the other a magnet. When the magnetic field between the two breaks, it means the door or window has been opened.

Contact sensor

Protect your home with contact sensors

Keep an eye on any entry point to your home with a window or door sensor alarm. They work seamlessly with other Boundary security products to protect your property, whether you are in or out.

Our sensors feature:

  • 12-month battery life
  • Anti-tamper technology
  • Long-range connectivity

Boundary contact sensors are built to meet Grade 2 in the UK and European Standards BS EN50131. (Certification pending)

Window and door sensor alarm FAQs

The number of contact sensors you need depends on which windows and doors you want to monitor on your wireless alarm system. Decide where you want to install sensors first. The main entry points to your property are the most important such as front doors. You can also install door sensor alarms on internal doors. Some criminals attempt to gain entry via an attic hatch. If you have one, you could place a sensor for added security.

Each comes with two parts – a sensor and a magnet. These are attached to either side of a window or door gap. Opening a window or door breaks the connection between the two, alerting you to suspicious activity.

Both windows and doors are obvious entry points to burglars. Installing window alarms protects your home and improves your home security system. You can install Boundary’s window alarm sensors onto most windows, including casement, slider and Velux. The detectors come with screws and sticky pads, and you can install these on almost all surfaces.

As there is a risk of exposure to water, we would not recommend using the sensors outdoors. Our Z-WaveⓇ700 alarm system uses long-range connectivity, meaning the signal may reach areas outside your home. If you decide to add a sensor to your garage, shed or garden gate, ensure you test these. The warranty does not cover usage outdoors, so you need to be aware of the implications on the warranty.

No, they can’t. Boundary’s sensors contain tamper-proofing technology. Intruders can defeat cheaper contact sensors using a magnet. They hold a secondary magnet to the sensor, tricking the system into thinking the connection is intact. Our alarm door contacts detect this tampering type to prevent it.

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