Alarm Hub

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How it works

The Hub is responsible for monitoring and controlling your sensors. It processes events and communicates with the phone app.

Key features:
• A 85db Piezo siren
• Z-wave 700 signalling
• Wi-Fi connection, with an optional cellular backup
• 12-hour backup battery
• Tamper-detection technology


Easy to setup, a joy to use

Setup is easy, simply mount it on the wall with screws or sticky pads, plug it in and activate it with the Boundary phone app.

Using it day-to-day is a joy. You can disarm with the phone app, keyfob or passcode.

Central Hub Disarm 2

And a beautiful App

Which includes:
• Remote arming and disarming
• Geofencing reminders
• Push notification alerts
• Nightly reminders before you go to sleep
• Zone setting
• Event history log
• User control panel
• Battery status
• Sensor Status
• Panic alarm

Available for iOS and Android devices.
Features availability is dependant on your monthly plan.


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