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How Boundary’s central alarm hub works

The hub is responsible for monitoring and controlling your contact sensors and motion sensors. It processes events and communicates with the phone app to keep you up-to-date at all times. You can manage your Boundary devices from wherever you are with the Boundary app. 

Key features include:

  • An 85db Piezo siren
  • Z-wave 700 signalling
  • Wifi connection, with optional cellular backup
  • 12-hour backup battery
  • Tamper-detection technology

Easy to set up and a joy to use

Setup is easy. Mount the hub on the wall with screws or sticky pads, plug it in and activate it with the Boundary phone app.

Using it day-to-day is a joy. You can disarm with the phone app, a key fob or a passcode.

Central Hub Disarm 2

Control from anywhere using the Boundary app

All the information you need is in one place. Arm and disarm from wherever you are, add new users and monitor your home. The Boundary app is available for iOS and Android devices.

The app includes:

  • Remote arming and disarming
  • Location-based geofencing reminders
  • Push notification alerts
  • Nightly reminders before you go to sleep
  • Zone setting
  • Event history log
  • User control panel
  • Battery status
  • Sensor status
  • Panic alarm

Availability of features is dependent on your monthly plan.


FAQs about our alarm hubs

The Boundary alarm hub is the brains of your home security system. It keeps your security running by communicating with your motion sensors, outdoor siren and the Alarm Response Centre (ARC). If any motion is detected, the hub will notify ARC immediately to check and report any suspicious activity. You will also be sent a notification via the Boundary app.

Yes, you can. Installing your alarm is simple and easy to do. Mount the hub as close to your wifi router as possible. You need to be able to reach this within 30 seconds of getting to the front door. Make sure you plug in the hub and keep it plugged in. It’s a good idea to place the hub out of view from any prying eyes outside. If you don’t feel comfortable installing yourself or opt for the police monitored package, choose SSAIB approved pro installation.

The Boundary central alarm hub features a 12-hour backup battery. If there is a power cut, the rechargeable backup battery will be triggered, and the hub will continue to communicate with the ARC.

Yes, it will if you choose Cellular Backup as an additional option for £5 a month.

Any firmware updates for the hub are completed remotely over the air, keeping your system secure at all times.

Boundary alarm hubs and wires use tamper-proofing technology. You’ll always receive a notification if your hub or sensors are disturbed while armed. Hubs are also available with optional cellular backup in case the internet supply drops.

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