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Boundary is a completely customisable alarm system, you can either design your system from scratch, shop one of our pre-built smart home security bundles or find individual products from sirens to fobs available to purchase.

Individual products

Designed in the UK by security experts and leading software developers. Here’s everything you need to outsmart all known threats to your home security.

  • Door & Window Contact Sensor

    Install these sensors and you’ll know exactly when any door or window opens in your home. Any unauthorised entry will immediately set off the alarm.

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  • PIR Motion Sensor

    Wireless and pet safe, these PIR sensors detect any human movement, day and night, when you are not at home.

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  • Key Fob (Pack of 2)

    Hover the key fob in front of your central hub to easily arm and disarm the system when you’re coming and going. Pack of 2.

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  • Outdoor Siren

    This outdoor siren is the ultimate deterrent. With an LED light to maximise visibility and the threat of a 95 decibel siren, no one will set foot on your property.

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  • Desk Stand

    Don’t want to wall mount your hub with screw fixings? The Boundary Desk Stand holds your hub safely and securely in position on any flat surface.

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Every home is different. With just a few questions, we'll help you build your perfect alarm system.

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In general, when choosing an alarm system you should ensure that the ground floor entry doors are protected with a door sensor and hallways/ downstairs rooms aside from bathrooms are protected with motion sensors. The upstairs hallway should also be protected by a motion sensor. This means that our medium bundle with siren is ideal for most 3-4 bedroom homes.

Yes. We’ve created a bespoke professional installation offering, so you can have someone come out and fit your alarm system to your house. A professional installation is required for the Pro Plan and police response.

Yes. Most people can install the Boundary alarm system with basic tools, we include screws and 3M sticky pads with all sensors. If installing an outdoor siren, you’ll need a ladder, as well as a drill with masonry bit. We also offer a professional installation service for those who don’t have the time or would prefer a hands-free experience.

Yes. The Boundary alarm system is pet friendly. Our motion sensors can be switched to pet-friendly mode within the Boundary app. When enabled, this will ignore motion from sources less than 35kg in combined weight. If your pet is larger than this or you have several furry friends, you can create a partial arming mode to exclude motion from the room(s) that you leave them in when you are out. You might like to add door or window sensors to this room if you feel that it is key thoroughfare you want to protect.

Soon. Police response is available for those who select the “Pro” subscription plan and have a professional installation. The Pro plan includes all of the premium Boundary app features plus: Police URN application, Professional Monitoring by Boundary’s Alarm Receiving Centre and an annual maintenance visit including battery changes.

Yes, for systems with more than 2 sensors you will require a subscription to use your Boundary alarm system. Boundary hardware is designed with quality and longevity in mind; your subscription pays for continual feature, compatibility  and security updates. It also pays for the costs of our speedy, UK-based support team, as well as cloud storage and data processing required to keep your product operating as normal.