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Do you need pro installation?

The most advanced home security system on the market, and anyone can install it in their home. Everything you need is provided in the box. However, if you’re going for professional monitoring with police response you’ll need to book a *professional alarm installation. (We can do this for you.) It’s a requirement for all police monitored systems as it’s one of the best ways to minimise the risk of false alarms from the get go.

All other Boundary options leave you free to decide whether you’ll have a go yourself, or hand over to the experts for an effortless start.

*Required with the Pro plan

DIY vs. professional installation

DIY Installation
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    Get started straight away. No need to wait for an engineer appointment. Unbox and get going. Full instructions are included to ensure you put the sensors in the best possible position. You’ll find everything you need. Sticky tabs if you want drill-free mounting. Screws and rawl plugs if you’re handy with a power tool and want to wall mount. If you’ve chosen an outdoor siren you will definitely need to drill this to the wall. So if you’re not confident drilling, pro installation might be for you.

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    It’s free. Everything you need is in the box, and all sensors come pre-installed with long-life lithium batteries.

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    Learn on the job: Installing the system yourself is a good way to learn how everything works. For example, the instructions will show where and how to mount the sensors so there are no blind spots, or ways for intruders to crawl along the floor undetected. If you don’t feel confident about doing this, pro installation might be for you.

  • -

    No police response. Boundary is undergoing testing set out by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) and will be a Grade 2 system pending certification. (One below the security level required for banks.)  However, it is a requirement for this level of response that your installation is completed or checked by a professional installer to minimise false alarms.

  • PRO Installation
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    A must for police response. The main advantage of professional installation is that your system will be eligible for professional monitoring with a direct police response. A massive stress reliever if you’re on your own a lot, away from home regularly or you tend to keep your phone on silent – particularly at night. A professional installer will make sure your sensors are mounted in exactly the right position to meet police approved levels of reliability.

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    One less thing on your list. Professional installers know exactly what to do and can have your new system up and running in no time. If you’re concerned your exciting Boundary parcel will sit for weeks before anyone has time, pro installation is the way to go.

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    Precision. It’s a good feeling knowing every sensor is in exactly the right place. No drilling mistakes. And, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of false alarms from a poorly positioned sensor.

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    Expert run-through. Your professional installer will give you the fast track on all the alarm features, including police response, avoiding false alarms and clever ways to customise your settings.

  • -

    You will need to schedule a time. You don’t have to be home when your alarm is installed but it is worthwhile. Double check you’re happy with where the outdoor siren is going (if you choose this option) and have all your questions answered.

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    You will need pro-support for faults and maintenance. Boundary updates remotely, self-checks for faults and will ping you an alert when the long-life batteries need changing. Beyond that if your system has a technical fault it will need to be sorted by a professional. However, with the Pro plan an annual maintenance check is included, any faults fixed, and all batteries replaced.

  • Getting ready for installation

    1. Have a think about where you would like your Hub to be placed. (It needs to be within 1.5m of a plug.)
    2. If you’ve ordered a siren, the engineer will bring a ladder and install it for you. It can save time to clear space for the ladder in advance e.g move the car etc.
    3. Your engineer will drill and securely mount all window, door and motion sensors for you. Screw fixing is a requirement of a professionally monitored system and gives you maximum protection.

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