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Police Response Alarm System | Boundary

Police Response Alarm System

Giving you the ultimate protection. The police.

Police Response will be available to our Pro Plan customers in 2022.

Criminals aren’t stupid. They’ll try to catch you off guard. Boundary is never off guard and will act fast on your behalf. Even if you can’t because you’re asleep, or flying on holiday. Or you miss the call. Boundary is designed to meet police approved levels of accuracy and reliability. (Certification pending 2022.) The police take graded alarms seriously, so you benefit from the fastest possible Level 1 police response. No expensive guard call out fees. No circling through keyholders with a break in between, you get the immediate comfort and reassurance of knowing the police are on their way.

What we mean by ‘police response’

The first thing to know is that a police response alarm is not directly connected to the police. Instead, when triggered the alarm notifies an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Security personnel at the ARC will then respond, requesting the police if necessary and notifying the property owner and/or nominated key holders.

These centres run 24/7 and are crucial for reducing unnecessary police callouts to false alarms. If the police repeatedly show up at your home because of a nosy cat setting off a sensor then they may downgrade the responsiveness to your property – luckily for you though, our intruder alarm at Boundary is pet friendly and extremely reliable.

Boundary also offers a monitored alarm system with keyholder calling.

How the Boundary police response alarm system works

What does Level 1 police response mean?

All alarm systems are graded to show what standards they meet. When a system is graded it changes how the police respond.

To put it simply, a Level 1 police response means your first alarm trigger is checked with the keyholder by the ARC, but it’s not until a second trigger that they call the police. With a Level 1 response, the police will already have a Unique Reference Number for your property (URN) and will prioritise the call from the ARC.

Boundary is undergoing testing to meet Grade 2 UK and European alarm standards (certification pending). Once certified, Pro Plan with Level 1 police response will be available. Others may offer a monitored or police response system, but without the grading, a call from their ARC isn’t any more effective than a standard 999 call.

  • Alarm is triggered in your home
  • Hub notifies ARC immediately
  • ARC responds calling police if needed
  • Keyholders notified
  • 1
    Alarm is triggered in your home
    Hub notifies ARC immediately
    ARC responds calling police if needed
    Keyholders notified
    Let's run through what that looks like in a real time break-in scenario

    To illustrate what happens when a burglar breaks into a home with a police response alarm, here’s our very own fictional scenario. Picture the scene…

  • 11:00pm

    John is on holiday in New York. It’s 11pm. He’s fast asleep. Back at home in Manchester, it’s 4am and a burglar has targeted his home, breaking through the back door to get in.

  • 11:01pm

    The contact sensor on the back door immediately detects the intrusion. When the burglar moves into the hallway he is seen by a motion sensor. Then another motion sensor detects him when he moves into the living room. At this point the alarm has been triggered and the siren is sounding. John has paired his Boundary alarm with Philips Hue smart lights, which are now flashing red. The Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) has seen the alarm activation too.

  • 11:03

    After not hearing from John, the ARC calls the police control room directly via a special line reserved for graded systems. It requests a Level 1 police response and requests police dispatch.

  • 11:04pm

    Because John is out of the country, the ARC phones John’s nominated keyholder, his neighbour.

  • 11:05pm

    The burglar is frantically looking for valuables to steal. The flashing red smart lights hamper his vision and he’s panicking because of the loud siren. He decides to leave empty-handed.

  • 11:10pm

    John’s neighbour is waiting when the police arrive, and together they check the perimeter. They find the back door has been forced open, so the police enter the property to make sure there’s no one inside. As John’s home has an URN, the police know it’s layout and floor plan. This means they are confident moving around it. Once they confirm there’s no burglar the property is then secured. With the neighbours help, they seal the back door.

  • 11:25pm

    John’s neighbour then contacts John, tells him of the events that have unfolded overnight. With his home now safe and very little he can do from New York, John’s neighbour insists he enjoys the rest of his holiday.

  • Property secured

    Double-checked every time just to be safe. When is an alarm considered 'confirmed?'

    No one wants to call the police unnecessarily. So you can relax knowing every sensor activation is double-checked by the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). When only one sensor is triggered it’s likely to be an accident – a false alarm – so we’ll call you to confirm, but not the police. But if two sensors are triggered within a set time window, and the movement pattern looks suspicious this confirms the break-in and it’s time to call the police.

    Complete Home Protection

  • Level 1 Response 24/7

    ARC controllers monitor 24/7. Your alarm will never be ignored.

  • Powerful Deterrent

    The outdoor siren warns intruders not to bother. Or they’ll have 95 decibels drawing attention to their efforts.

  • Tamper-proof Hub

    The hub will communicate to the ARC via cellular back-up if power and wi-fi are cut.

  • What are the key benefits of police-response systems?

    Quick response

    The effectiveness of an unmonitored alarm depends entirely on being heard and acted upon by a neighbour or passer-by. A police-response system guarantees your alarm will never be ignored and the ARC can call the police as soon as two sensors have been triggered.


    Police-response systems, such as ours at Boundary, have an outdoor siren that must be professionally installed onto the exterior of your property. When a burglar sees an outdoor siren box, and knows it may offer a police response, it acts as the ultimate deterrent so they may not even consider breaking-in.

    Peace of mind

    The ARC controllers monitor your home 24/7 – quite a comfort if you’re on holiday or just a particularly sound sleeper!

    police monitored response alarm

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