Pay Monthly House Alarms: Plans & Pricing

Choose the monthly plan that works for you.
No long term contracts, cancellation fees or hidden costs.

The Lite Service


  • Number of Users2
  • Number of Pairable Sensors2
    • Key features
    • Smart home integration
    • Set and unset from the app
    Professional Installation Optional
    Most Popular
    £9.99 per month


    Smarter self-monitoring with time-saving mobile app features.

  • Number of UsersUnlimited
  • Number of Pairable SensorsUnlimited
    • Key features
    • Geolocation reminders
    • Push notifications
    • Night-set reminders
    • Occupied home simulation
    • Amazon Alexa & Google Home
    • Extended 3-year warranty
    • Automated keyholder calling
    • Enhanced customer service
    Also Includes
  • Lite features
  • Professional Installation Optional
    £24.99 per month


    COMING 2022. Professional installation, 24/7 monitoring and police dispatch to confirmed break-ins.

  • Number of UsersUnlimited
  • Number of Pairable SensorsUnlimited
    • Key features
    • Police monitoring
    • Annual maintenance
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Complementary battery change
    Also Includes
  • Lite features
  • Smart features
  • *not available in NI
  • Professional Installation Required

    Home protection with a subscription. The pay monthly plans explained.


    Set and unset from the app

    You can set and unset the alarm using the phone app. All you need is an internet connection and you will be able to
    set and unset from anywhere. The app is available for both iOS and Android. You can also set and unset using
    you the central hub’s keypad or a key fob.

    Neighbourhoods Dashboard (Coming Soon)

    The neighbourhood dashboard gives you, your neighbours and those in your local area a way of connecting online to share details of crime and suspicious activity. You will have the option to link your Boundary alarm so that if it goes off, your neighbours will know straight away if it’s a false alarm or there’s a suspected crime in progress.

    Smart home integration

    Link Boundary quickly and easily to your smart assistant to arm and disarm the alarm using voice commands.


    Police response levels up our Pro monthly plans

    Police response is only available on our Pro plan. When you opt-in for police response on your burglar alarm system, you’re adding a whole new level of security. Having police response does require pro installation, even when you’re upgrading your package.

    Common questions about pay monthly alarm plans

    Your plan is simply a way of choosing how you want your Boundary system to operate when your alarm is triggered. There’s a free plan, as well as plans giving you automated keyholder calling, or direct police response. You decide what features are important to you and suit your budget. You are welcome to upgrade or change your plan at any time

    You can change your subscription plan at any time using My Account

    The Lite plan is our entry-level plan and is free. It is limited to a maximum of two sensors (motion or contact) and two users.

    The Smart gives you automatic keyholder calling in case you’re out of reach. Plus, valuable additional benefits such as a 3-year warranty.

    The Pro Plan gives you 24/7 professional monitoring with police response and annual maintenance visit including all batteries changed.

    You can cancel at any time simply by contacting Customer Support.

    There is no long-term contract. No fees to change your plan and no cancellation charges. There is a minimum one-month usage applied to paid plan but after that, it’s simply a 30-day rolling agreement. We feel this is the fairest way to supply services to you without locking you into expensive long-term contracts.

    Yes. You are free to upgrade or change your plan at any time. Should you decide to go for police response, you would have to have your system checked or installed by a professional installer.

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