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Meet Our Team | Boundary

Meet the Team

Team Boundary

  • Robin Knox

    A serial entrepreneur, Robin co-founded IPOS, a tablet-based point of sale App, which was later purchased by iZettle (themselves bought by PayPal). Since then, Robin has backed several fast-growing start-ups including BlackBx and Amiqus, but now turns his attention to Boundary as it's CEO.

  • Paul Walton

    An expert in technical strategy, Paul co-founded IPOS with Robin and remained very active in the tech start-up scene following IPOS's sale. Paul will take up the position of CTO at Boundary overseeing the technical specs behind the alarm and our elite team of developers.

  • Ross Findlay

    As a former banker (don’t hold it against him!), Ross is charged with setting up and running the operations side of the business. Amongst other things, that includes working with our suppliers, building our manufacturing process and setting our commercial strategy.

  • Carolyn Barbour

    Carolyn is our Senior Xamarin Developer who's a self-proclaimed fitness and cake fanatic. She's prototyping the mobile application on both android and iOS. This involves interacting with the back-end services as well as all the front-end.

  • Dr Radim Tylecek

    Formerly a research associate at Uni of Edinburgh, Radim will help create the Boundary smart camera, which will become part of the Boundary alarm kit. Radim will spend much of his time teaching the camera's software to recognise burglars and react by sending you or your monitoring centre an alert.

  • Phil Williams

    Phil looks after the customer support side of the business and is fanatical about providing an exceptional level of service, with a smile! Dad to two rescue staffies, Phil is our front man if you need your questions answered.

  • Neil Jarrett

    A fan of NBA, Neil sees himself as the Scottish Michael Jordan, just with less dubious facial hair and more reasonably priced shoes. He is Boundary's full-stack developer, helping to develop the engineer portal and other services within Boundary.

  • Adam Solymos

    Our second senior software developer and our second Adam. With 10+ years experience, working at the likes of JP Morgan, ESPC and Arduino, Adam brings an exciting new dimension to the Boundary development team.

The Product Team

From their office and workshop in the south of Edinburgh, i4 Product Design are helping Boundary to develop a uniquely beautiful and functional alarm system.

  • Andrew Chalmers

  • Brian Combe

  • Jonathan Pearson

  • Lisa Woo

  • Marc Jeeves

  • Steven Brown

The Systems Team

As experts in systems development, Invent Design Build are developing Boundary's hardware and firmware to meet UK and European standards in alarm functionality.

  • Derek Liddle

  • Colin Drummond

  • Lajos Erdős

  • Mirko Grba

  • Mirko Divac

Work at Boundary

Flexible working, friendly culture, monthly team lunches, a roof terrace, free tea/coffee and a shiny MacBook Pro are just some of the reasons to work at Boundary. Click into the job vacancy below to find out more.