Date: 18 June  2019

Kickstarter to go live at 1pm BST


IntelligentPOS entrepreneurs open crowdfunding round ahead of launching Boundary security system

Two technology entrepreneurs who sold intelligentPOS to iZettle are unveiling a fundraising round as they prepare to launch their wireless smart security system.

Robin Knox and Paul Walton are launching a £50,000 fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website ahead of the public release of their Boundary home security system in March 2020.

Customers can control the Edinburgh-based company’s technology using an app on their mobile phone, bringing security alarms into the arena of Hive central heating controls or Sonos music systems.

Boundary links to the mobile phone network, allowing homeowners to be alerted about intruders even if the criminals cut their phone line and broadband connection.

The system brings neighbourhood watch into the 21st century by giving customers the option to send mobile phone alerts to friends or family living in the area.

Features include the ability to control the system through digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, as well as integrating it with the Philips Hue lighting system, so that lights are switched on automatically if an intruder is detected.

The company has developed its product with experts who designed products for Bosch, Ericsson and Flymo.

Product design consultancy i4 has created hugely successful consumer products including Flymo’s UltraGlide lawnmower and T-Mobile’s 3G broadband modem, while the founder of product developer Invent, Design, Build (IDB) has a track record that includes work with Honeywell and Ericsson.

Arming and disarming will be through the smartphone app, a traditional alarm keypad or a key fob.

Mr Knox, Chief Executive at Boundary, said: “I was inspired to create Boundary while I was on my honeymoon in America.

“I realised that if someone broke into my house while I was away then I could watch them on my security cameras – which were already connected to the internet – but I wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop them.

“Boundary gives homeowners that kind of power, either through systems they can monitor themselves or through a more comprehensive service that’s linked to the police.

“The European home security market is forecast to be worth $13.8 billion next year and is growing by 18% annually, with between 800,000 and one million systems being sold in the UK alone each year.

“This is a market that’s ripe for disruption, repeating the success we enjoyed with intelligentPOS.”

Mr Walton, Boundary’s Chief Technology Officer, added: “Gone are the days of alarm systems simply being a box with a flashing light stuck onto the side of your house.

“Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and homeowners need to stay a step ahead.

“Being able to control your home security system in the same intuitive way as your central heating or music player will help to give you the edge over intruders.

“Boundary can even remind you to set your alarm when you leave the house.”

About Boundary

Boundary is the latest venture from Robin Knox and Paul Walton following the stellar growth over four years and exit from IPOS in 2016.

Offering ‘security as a service’, Boundary aims to become the UK’s first provider of smart home security for the mass market.

Its innovative smart home security alarm will officially launch in mid-2019 and plans to target 100,000 homes in four years with a forecasted £6 million in annual recurring revenues.



Product details

Boundary Smart features

  • Push notifications sent to your phone in real time to keep you updated of any unusual activity at home
  • Geofencing technology reminds you to set the alarm when you leave the house
  • System features secure 128 bit encryption and anti-jamming algorithms
  • Fobs use state of the art anti cloning tech with NTAG encryption
  • Smart home integration with voice assistants provided. Including Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility
  • Compatible with Philips Hue lighting system – lights can be set to automatically turn on if an intruder is detected or simulate occupancy whilst away
  • Boundary App can be opened quickly using Face ID or Touch ID
  • Motion sensors can be used to trigger smart home automation events as well as turn off heating in different rooms when no motion is detected. Motion sensors will also include temperature sensing to further assist with energy management.


Flexible options

  • £0 per month for activating and de-activating Boundary alarm via the mobile app as well as smart home integration.
  • £4 per month for unlimited sensors,push notifications and regular reminders to set your alarm.
  • £8 per month to alert you and assigned keyholders to intrusions via automated phone calling, plus geofenced alerts that remind you to set the alarm as you leave
  • £20 per month for 24/7 professional monitoring for total peace of mind. Two sensor activations will result in the alarm’s receiving unit immediately calling through to the police control room to request a Level 1 response. (Professional installation costing £130 is required for this service as well as a £43 police URN application fee. It may be cancelled if you cause multiple false alarms where the police attend.)


What’s included in the £299 hardware fee?

The hub, door contact, wireless infrared motion sensor, two fobs, and access to Boundary app via smartphone (Apple iOS and Android). Each additional sensor and door or window contact costs between £20-£30.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

No. Monthly fees are for additional services such as police response, geofencing and automatic calls to a pre-agreed list of contacts if the alarm goes off.

Why wouldn’t I just setup the kit for free?

You can. However, if you want a police response, requirements set out by certification bodies including the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and SSAIB, as well as British and European Standards, state that a certified engineer must install the kit.

Will my pet set off the alarm?

No. We guarantee that any household pet weighing up to 35kg will not be picked up by our sensors to avoid false alarms.

What if my phone runs out of battery

If this happens, then numeric codes and fobs can be used instead (these can also be used for those who don’t want to use the app).

Can I have multiple properties or users

Yes, Boundary will support multiple homes or business locations as well as users.

Where is Boundary based?

Edinburgh, UK.

Where can I buy a Boundary alarm?

Either on Kickstarter at xxxx or at

How does police response work?

Should your triggered alarm fail to be deactivated within a set time period, the unit will automatically contact the Alarm Receiving Centre, which will make further attempts to contact the keyholders of the property. Should the alarm move to a second stage (more than one sensor trigger) the alarm receiving centre will request a Level 1 police response to the property.

What if I experience false alarms?

Should you experience too many false alarms the police will begin to downgrade the speed of response before removing you from the response list entirely. That’s why a professional installation of the kit to minimise any false alarms is required for a monitored service.

Which smartphone operating systems does the app work with?

Both Apple iOS (iPhone) and Android.

What radio technology does Boundary use?

Boundary chose the Zwave Wireless protocol, a robust technology used in many smart home applications. The latest Z Wave 700 series protocol has 250% better range than previous versions and has very low power consumption, making it ideal for long battery life, Z wave also benefits from inbuilt encryption.

I have a big house – will Boundary’s alarm work?

The basic kit is suitable for a typical 4-bedroom house. Larger homes may require range extenders.

Can I use Boundary to secure my garage or shed?

Yes, although not with a police response. The system’s motion sensors are also designed to work in environments where there is a reasonably consistent temperature and humidity so it may not function as effectively as in a house.

How long is the backup battery life?

The hub has an internal battery that will last 12+ hours as mandated by British standards.

How long is the sensor battery life?

Over 12 months. Batteries can be easily changed by the user.

Does the alarm have a cellular backup option?

Yes, for an additional charge of £5 per month. The Central Hub will also cost £50 more to install the capability.

Does Boundary conform to British and European standards?


How loud is the external alarm?


Do you supply to countries outside the UK?

The product is not yet available for use outside the UK.

What’s next for Boundary?

We’re using a £100,000 government grant* to work on the next step of smart home security: AI cameras that can analyse threats in real time. With machine learning systems it will soon be possible to have the same peace of mind as if you had your own private security guard standing watch, 24/7.


Notes to editors:

About Boundary:
Boundary was founded by Robin Knox and Paul Walton who have been building and investing in startups for years. They most recently co-founded Intelligentpos, a cloud-based point of sale system which was sold to iZettle in 2016. Both have been focusing on building startups in their native Scotland through Seed Haus, a pre-seed investment incubator, as well as private angel investments. Boundary has raised £1m from its founders and is currently closing a round of £2 million from institutional and Angel investors.


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