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How our Burglar Alarm Works | Boundary Wireless Alarm System

How Boundary Works

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Annual maintenance

Boundary checks and updates remotely. Simply change the batteries once every year. Professional monitoring plans with police response include an annual maintenance check-up with battery change.

Based on Z-wave

Traditional alarm systems are hard wired into your home. Boundary brings you an advanced sensor-based option. Motion, door and window sensors are battery-powered and communicate securely with the central hub using Z-wave 700. The world’s most adopted future smart home technology with end-to-end encryption.

Motion Sensors

Lightening fast detection speed should anyone crawl or move at different heights in the room.

Contact Sensors (Doors & Windows)

These intelligent sensors use the latest magnetic technology to detect the tiniest fluctuations in magnetic field variance. If an intruder breaks in through a door or window, the sensor will report the suspicious movement with lightening fast speed.

Outdoor Siren

A clear deterrent with an LED light to maximise visibility and a 95 decibel siren. Easy to install as runs on standard AA outdoor lithium batteries for a full year of battery life. Tamper-proof and tested to the limited. Works down to -40 degrees.

Central Hub

The brains of the system. The hub maintains regular communication with all sensors, the external siren and the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) checking and reporting that everything is working well.  For added reassurance all firmware is updated remotely over-the-air so your systems remains secure at all times.

How Boundary works

Each sensor is in constant communication with the central hub to prove it is there and working.

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