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The Mobile App

Control your smart home security system with our powerful smartphone app

The smart alarms app that’s fully customisable for your smart security system

Being able to control your intruder alarm and security system on the go through the Boundary smartphone app gives you an added layer of security.  You’ll receive alerts when your alarm is triggered, and have complete control of your home security system, from anywhere, 24/7. Moving to a smartphone security app based system also gives you the freedom to customise features, as well as add or delete users quickly and easily to give you complete reassurance all is well at home.

Seamlessly sync with your smart home hubs

Unlike traditional alarm systems, Boundary integrates seamlessly with 1000s of other smart devices. As well as using your smartphone app, why not arm, and disarm your alarm with your voice via your smart speakers?

Works with:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home Assistant
  • Samsung SmartThings 
  • Apple Homekit (in development)

Have fun creating arrival and exit routines for lights and speakers

There are a range of If This Then That (IFTTT) applets you can use with Boundary through the IFTTT app which make your smart alarm system fully customisable. There are 16 applets to get your started, which can be used to do things like:

  • Disarm your alarm when your smartphone enters the building
  • Arm/disarm on a schedule
  • Play sounds, music or turn on lights when a sensor is triggered

The options are endless.

Control every feature of your alarm system from your smartphone

Boundary smart alarms include powerful security features you control from your your app. Get alerts from your motion sensors, arm your alarm, check in on your pet or turn off your siren, all from the app. 

Burglar alarm & siren

Police monitored system

Pet-friendly security

Home security app

Smart home compatible

Motion sensors

One touch exit

A smartphone security system for every need

Boundary is an alarm company offering smart home security solutions for a wide range of needs, and it’s more than just a home security app. We integrate seamlessly with other smart home devices have created simple solutions to cover your home security needs.

Discover our smartphone controlled alarms

Our app ties your smart home security system together in your smartphone. We have a range of products and burglar alarm bundles available.

The Hub Control Panel

Control everything from one central location in your home.

Home security hub

The Boundary App

Receive alerts and check in on your pets when you’re out and about.

Door & Window

Protect your boundaries with contact sensors on your doors and windows.

Contact sensors

Key fob

Arm and disarm your home alarm system at the touch of a fob.

Alarm fobs

Outdoor Siren

If your dog barking isn’t enough, why not add an outdoor siren to your alarm system?

Siren alarms

If This Then That

Completely customise what happens when there’s an alarm activation.

Discover IFTTT


Yes. You can download the Boundary app on any Android phone.

The Boundary app is available in the Apple App Store and works on iPhone.

We have a full step by step guide to help you get started. View the full Boundary Quick Start Guide to get going with your smartphone alarm installation.

An app, like the Boundary app, can provide remote access to your wireless alarm system. This remote access allows you to arm and disarm your alarm remotely, as well as check security alerts on the go. It also allows you to set up applets to create processes for when your alarm is armed, disarmed or triggered.

A smart burglar alarm works through a number of sensors relaying information to a central alarm hub, and the Boundary security app. These devices all communicate via Z-Wave® technology, which also allows your DIY alarm system to sync up with your other smart home devices.

Design your own alarm system

Alarm System Bundles

Shop one of our pre-built smart home security bundles or create your own bundle.

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Flexible Monthly Plans

Choose from 3 monthly plans. No long term contracts, cancellation fees or hidden costs.

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