Pet-friendly Alarms

Keep your home safe without the false alarms from your four-legged friends

Leaving your cat or dog at home shouldn’t be an added source of worry. With new smart technology, false burglar alarm alerts from your pets are a thing of the past. Boundary has created an intuitive, pet-friendly alarm system, so you can keep your house secure while your pet is left home alone. Discover the home security system that lets your cats and dogs rest easy without a false alarm.

How do our pet-friendly alarm systems work?

Our alarm systems are designed with your pets in mind. We use pet-friendly PIR sensors that can be calibrated to ignore your pets. Before you worry this could open up your house to intruders, let us explain how our PIR detectors differentiate between a would-be burglar and your furry friends:

Enable pet sensitivity and your PIR sensor to disregard weights under 35kg (the weight of an average labrador).

That’s it, it’s really that simple.

The motion sensors that make our pet friendly alarm tick

Discover the pet friendly movement sensors that make this all possible.

  • Wireless PIR sensors
  • Self-tests
  • Ignores pets weighing 35kg or less

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With intelligent sensors you can keep false alarms to a minimum.

Create a pet tolerant zone for your cat or dog

If this isn’t the solution for you though, If you have a larger pet or multiple pets, why not create a pet-friendly area using Partial Set. Simply select the sensors you want to activate when you Partial Set, leaving out any areas where your pets can play safe from the sensors. 

Isolating zones like this is incredibly simple with the Boundary Hub control panel or the Boundary app.

A selection of pet-friendly alarm features

A Boundary pet-friendly alarm system comes with a host of security features for your home. We use smart software driven solutions to keep your family, your pets and your home safe and secure.

  • Burglar alarm and siren

  • Police-Monitored System

  • Pet-Friendly Security

  • Home Security App

  • Smart Home Compatible

  • Motion Sensors

  • One-Touch Exit

Discover our pet friendly wireless alarms

We offer more than just pet-friendly sensors. Find a burglar alarm bundle that’s right for you.

The Hub Control Panel

Control everything from one central location in your home.

Home security hub

The Boundary App

Receive alerts and check in on your pets when you’re out and about.

Door & Window

Protect your boundaries with contact sensors on your doors and windows.

Contact sensors

Key Fob

Arm and disarm your home alarm system at the touch of a fob.

Alarm fobs

Outdoor Siren

If your dog barking isn’t enough, why not add an outdoor siren to your alarm system?

Siren alarms

If This Then That

Completely customise what happens when there’s an alarm activation.

Discover IFTTT

An alarm system for all pet owners

Boundary is an alarm company offering home security solutions for a wide range of needs, not just pet owners.

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You can set your burglar alarm’s PIR motion sensors to ignore anything under 35kg, which rules out most dogs and all cats.

For dogs that weigh more than 35kg you can set up a pet-friendly zone. To do this you just need to nominate spaces to remain deactivated that your big dogs can play to their heart’s content in.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll stop getting false alarms, but with your sensors calibrated effectively you should be able to rule out pet movement. If your alarm is triggered, you’ll get an alert immediately and you’ll be able to see which sensors have been triggered and whether it’s likely to be your pet.