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DIY Alarm System

Secure your home from strangers with our DIY alarm systems

Keep your home and loved ones safe with a smart home security system capable of being customised to suit your pets and lifestyle. Boundary is a wireless DIY system that’s easy to install. There’s no hard wiring to worry about, and with a choice of either screwing sensors and hub into the wall or using the sticky pads provided, it’s up to you whether you want to get the power drill out. (Although you will need the drill if you’re adding an outdoor siren – but the spirit level and screws are all provided!)


Control your DIY system from anywhere with mobile app access

This is an easy system to install that will bring you all the reassurance of an accurate and reliable alarm system, with full control from your smartphone. Left home and forgot to arm the alarm? No worries, arm using your phone. Want to silence your alarm in seconds? You can do that too with one simple swipe. And if someone does try to break-in, you’ll be the first to know with real-time notifications.

Shop our DIY alarm system

  • Starter Bundle

    The perfect system for small homes or flats with one entrance. The Starter Bundle allows you to protect one room or space within your home. Expand your system by adding additional sensors, key fobs or a siren at checkout or a later date. 


    View and Customise
  • Small Bundle

    The perfect system for small homes. The Small Bundle allows you to protect one room or space within your home, and alert your neighbours with a 95dB siren. Expand your system by adding additional sensors, key fobs or an extra siren at checkout or a later date. 


    View and Customise
  • Medium Bundle

    Our most popular bundle is the perfect system for three to four bedroom homes. The Medium Bundle allows you to protect your main entrance, as well as two rooms or spaces within your home, and alert your neighbours with a 95dB siren. Expand  your system by adding additional sensors, key fobs or an extra siren at checkout or a later date. 



    View and Customise
  • Large Bundle

    The perfect system for larger homes with four or more bedrooms and more than one entrance. The Large Bundle allows you to protect a front and back door, as well as two rooms or spaces within your home, and alert your neighbours with a 95dB siren. Expand your system by adding additional sensors, key fobs or an extra siren at checkout or a later date. 


    View and Customise

Compare our DIY homes security plans

Choose the monthly security plan that works for you.

You can switch plans anytime, but our Pro Plan is only available with professional alarm installation.


Get Started

Up to 5 Users
Unlimited Sensors
Arm and Disarm from app
Partial Arming
Amazon Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT


£9.99 per month
Best Value

Everything included in our Lite plan plus:

Unlimited Users & Sensors
Push notifications when the alarm goes off
Activity Alerts
Geolocation Reminders
Pet Sensitivity
Night Time Reminder
Occupied home simulation
Automated keyholder calling
Extended 3 year warranty
Priority Technical Support
Enjoy 1 month of our Smart plan for free with every new Boundary system.


£24.99 per month
Most Secure

Everything included in our Lite & Smart plans plus:

Annual Maintenance Engineer Visit
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Immediate Police Response
Free Battery Replacements
This plan requires a professional alarm installation £199

All plans include

Mobile App Control

Full control of your home security - any time, anywhere - from the App. Available for both iOS and Android.

Advanced User Management

Your Boundary alarm can support multiple users. You can add and edit system users through the App.

Continuous Security Updates

The Boundary system will update on a regular basis with new features, bug fixes and, on occasion, critical security fixes.

Emergency Panic Button

Trigger the siren instantly using the emergency panic button. A rapid and effective deterrent to potential intruders.

Refer-a-Friend Reward Programme

Share a code with friends to give them 40% off and you’ll earn a £50 Amazon Gift Card for every code redeemed.

Partial Arming

Customise your security by choosing to arm specific rooms or sensors in rooms instead of the full system.

Create the best DIY home security system for you

Customise your DIY security system to fit your needs. Boundary’s security features make it easy to add reminder alerts, create pet-safe areas and give neighbours remote access to your system so they can easily keep an eye on your home when you’re away.
Boundary also works with 100s of other smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Philips Hue, Spotify and more.

Learn how to install your alarm system yourself.

boundary alarm hub and screwdrivers on a table

Boundary’s home security bundles and products

Choose a pre-built bundle or design your own self install burglar alarm system. Start small and add more sensors later – embrace smart home security however you want.

Door contact sensor

Our door sensors feature anti-tamper technology and long-range connectivity

Entry Sensors

Window sensors

Monitor your home’s windows and be alerted if they’re opened.

Contact sensors

PIR motion sensor

Detect changes using infrared heat and pulse counting technology.

Motion detectors

Deter intruders

Choose the ultimate deterrent with an LED light and 95-decibel siren.

Outdoor alarm siren

Control access

Enjoy total control of your security and arm and disarm your house with ease.

Key fobs

Remote access

Monitor your property from anywhere with the Boundary home security app.

DIY security systems for every home

Discover the best home security system for your property and loved ones. Remotely arm or disarm your alarm or connect your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to create a smart home.

Design your alarm

Use our quick estimator tool to work out what you need to protect your home.

Get Started

DIY alarm FAQs

It may feel like it goes without saying, however, you need to pick the right system for your property. Many DIY security systems offer something for every home. Key things to consider before opting for DIY alarm installation include:

  • The number of doors and entrances you have
  • How comfortable are you with DIY? You can use the provided stickers to mount sensors, the outdoor siren requires drilling. The central hub can be drilled to the wall or would you prefer to add a desk stand to your order?
  • Do you want Level 1 police response monitoring? This is only available with professional installation.
  • Do you have the right equipment? You’ll need stepladders to start.

Boundary has a system for designing your own alarm system, to help you work out whether you’re ready to install a system yourself.

Yes, of course. Boundary’s DIY security system is simple and easy to install. However, if you would like a police response, you’ll need our pro installation.

Learn about DIY alarm installation.

You can upgrade to a police response security system, but it’s a police requirement that your system is installed by an SSAIB approved professional.

Boundary’s monitored alarm gives you ultimate protection against break-ins. If your alarm is triggered, the hub will notify the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) immediately. The ARC then calls your keyholders and will request a police response if necessary.

It depends on the size of your house and which rooms you want to monitor. Our pre-built bundles come with entry sensors and PIR motion sensors. Personalise your DIY systems by adding more sensors, key fobs or an outdoor siren.

Use our calculator to design your own alarm system.

There’s no need to worry about false alarms. Calibrate Boundary’s PIR motion sensors to ignore pets under 35kg. If this doesn’t work for you, create a pet-friendly zone in your house.

Our DIY home security systems use world-class wireless technology Z-Wave® to communicate. All data is encrypted, protecting communication between your hub, sensors and siren.

Wi-Fi is only used to report to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If you’re worried about a drop in internet connection it’s best to choose a cellular hub with cellular back-up available for £5 per month. If your Wi-Fi drops or is ever maliciously cut, your smart hub will automatically switch to cellular data.

Yes, it will. Boundary hubs have a 12-hour backup battery and will remain operational if the power supply is interrupted. Don’t worry if an intruder cuts your phone lines. Your hub will use a mobile signal instead to communicate with the ARC if you’ve chosen the cellular backup option.

Personalise your smart security system with other smart home gadgets. Boundary systems work with:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home Assistant
  • IFTTT (including Philips Hue)
  • Samsung SmartThings