Your Smart Security Essentials

The Boundary Alarm

A smart alarm for a sophisticated home. Simple to install and easy to use, our alarm will protect your boundary night and day, responding to any threats, even when you can’t.

  1. Central Hub

    The heart of the Boundary Alarm, it wirelessly connects to each Boundary device in your home and allows you to control them from anywhere using a single phone app.

    Built to meet UK & European security standards, this is a sophisticated system that can still be installed by anyone and set up easily.

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  2. Door & Window Contact

    Install these sensors and you’ll know exactly when any door or window opens in your home. When armed, any unauthorised entry will immediately set off the alarm and notify you exactly what’s been opened. These sensors are tamperproof, giving you complete peace of mind.

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  3. Key Tag

    Hover the key fob in front of your central hub to easily arm and disarm the system when you’re coming and going.

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  4. Motion Sensor

    Wireless & pet safe, these sensors detect any human movement when you are not at home. They use industry standard infra-red scanning to guard effectively day and night, with wireless communications for easy installation.

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  5. Outdoor Siren

    Free with orders above £350. Add to basket and then apply SIREN-OFFER at checkout.

    An external alarm device that the the whole neighbourhood will hear. When triggered, the siren sounds at 95 decibels while the LED light flashes red. In normal conditions, the LED blinks during the night to act as an effective deterrent.

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Easily create a made-to-measure smart alarm system to safeguard your home. Understand how many sensors you’ll need and which subscription is right for you.

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Complete control with one easy-to-use App

The Boundary App is beautifully simple, allowing you to secure your home with minimal fuss. Designed to fit seamlessly into your day-to-day, you’ll only notice it when you need it most.

Use it to connect your Boundary devices, set up alerts and reminders, set and unset the alarm and integrate with your smart home.

Boundary Phone App