Z-Wave® vs Wi-Fi – What’s the difference?

With Boundary we’ve cut the wires. Well all but one from the hub to a plug. Otherwise it’s a completely wireless system. You might be wondering how all the components talk to each other? A good guess would be Wi-Fi – because that’s what most cheaper smart security systems use – but for maximum protection all communication between the hub, siren and intelligent sensors uses world-class Z-Wave® (700 series with S2 security).

Here’s why for us it was the only choice:

Best in breed security

Every signal is end-to-end encrypted. Making remote security updates super-secure. Using the latest 700 series chip sets in our technology also means even a sophisticated criminal with a jamming device outside your home couldn’t fool your Boundary system into giving away any information that could be used to breach your home. Another reason to sleep well.

Superior battery life

Another great plus for Z-Wave is how little power each component needs to operate. Who needs trailing wires all over their home when you can expect a full year of battery life? And don’t forget our intelligent motion sensors also give you a low battery warning 1 month beforehand.

Set and forget range

Z-Wave operates on a shorter wavelength than Wi-Fi systems and range is commonly 100m in the open and 50m inside a building.

Good long-term choice

All Z-Wave® products work with all other Z-Wave products. There are 100m products using Z-Wave in homes worldwide. Developed in Denmark 10 years ago, it’s a world-class smart home security standard that is here to stay.

Wi-Fi protection

Boundary only uses Wi-Fi to report to the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC). And if your Wi-Fi goes down or a burglar cuts the internet supply, we offer a central alarm hub with cellular back-up that will automatically switch to cellular data if Wi-Fi goes down. Plus, whatever happens you’ll always be able to set/unset your app AND press the panic button to trigger the siren. Boundary’s got your back.

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