Why It’s Worth Investing in a Smart Burglar Alarm

Are you living without a home security system? If so, then you’re probably concerned about remaining vulnerable to burglaries.

There’s no need to live with this type of anxiety. Investing in the right burglar alarm for your home gives you peace of mind and keeps your family safe.

However, you may be wondering if burglar alarms are effective? At Boundary, we look into smart burglar alarms and explore whether it’s worth investing in this type of security for your home.

Are burglar alarms effective at preventing break-ins?

There’s no doubt that burglar alarms deter break-ins. If a criminal spots that your home has an alarm system, it may make them think twice about targeting your property. The combination of cameras and alarms helps to give pause to anyone targeting your home.

Other common deterrents for burglars include locked doors and windows, strong doors, and barking dogs. If somebody can see lights or a TV on, this can also put them off.

Can security systems reduce my home insurance?

Installing a home security system in your home can be good for your home insurance. However, every insurance company uses different methods when setting insurance rates. You should talk to more than one company to find out how much your alarm system reduces home insurance costs.

Insurance providers will look for specific details about your alarm, including:

  • Grade of the security system
  • Whether it has been professionally installed
  • If the system is professionally maintained annually

How do smart burglar alarms work?

Smart burglar alarms use radio signals, landlines, or cellular connections to communicate that someone is attempting to get into your home. A combination of contact sensors at points such as windows and doors detects the intrusion.

You can design the system to alert you via smartphone text, phone call, or mobile app push notification whenever a burglar tries to gain access. Monitored alarm systems will also alert the police or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) while also triggering an audible alarm.

The system hub represents the control panel. It’s the heart of the system that communicates with the sensors.

Benefits of Boundary’s smart alarm system

Boundary offers Grade 2 approved alarm systems as defined by the European standard BS EN 50131. To gain a sense of the power involved, Grades 3 and 4 are used to protect banks.

Let’s review the four main benefits of using Boundary’s smart alarm system to protect your home.

Remotely arm and disarm

Arm and disarm your Boundary smart security system no matter where you are. In the past, you’d need to turn around and go home if you forgot to arm the system. That’s incredibly frustrating if you’re more than a few seconds away from the house.

Today’s technology lets you control the entire system from your handheld smartphone. With Boundary’s smartphone controlled alarm system, you can arm and disarm the alarm whether you’re at work, on holiday, or in bed.

Receive push notifications

Boundary notifies you whenever something important happens. If the alarm goes off, you’ll receive a push notification on your smartphone immediately. It even shows you where the movement is within your home and which contact or PIR motion sensor has triggered.

What happens if a burglar attempts to disarm the system? You’ll know all about it. For instance, you’ll get a push notification if a burglar tries jamming technology on your home’s security system. It also sends out a notification if the burglar attempts to open the system’s hardware as they perform a quick ‘crash and smash’ job.

Some burglars know they can tamper with the electricity and Wi-Fi system. Boundary’s system continues to run on backup battery power for up to 12 hours. The alarm still sounds, and you’ll receive the push notification telling you that someone disabled the Wi-Fi.

Add users and change permissions

Using one simple login access, you can add or delete new users to your account. Admin users maintain full access to the system. You can also give trusted people standard access to arm or disarm the system on their mobile phones.

An offline standard user can arm and disarm using the key fob and PIN functionality.

Smart home integration

The Boundary wireless alarm system easily integrates with smart home technology, including:

  • Thermostats
  • Plugs
  • Speakers
  • Lighting

It’s compatible with other technology such as Google Home and Alexa. You can use IFTTT applets to help you control the integrations.

IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. It lets you customize your home’s smart integrations in many different ways. You can use IFTTT integrations to arm and disarm the alarm on specific schedules, disarm it as soon as you arrive home, or use loud sirens or a dog barking noises for the alarm’s sound.

It even allows you to schedule your home’s lights to turn on and off at various times while you’re away, providing the illusion that someone’s in the house.

Upgrade to a smart burglar alarm system

There are many reasons why you might consider upgrading to a smart burglar alarm system. The most apparent benefit is increasing your home security. Remember that burglars continue to become sophisticated as technology improves.

That’s why Boundary remains focused on combating all known ways burglars use to defeat alarm systems. A Boundary security system will prevent ‘crash and smash’ attempts or internet and electricity interruption attacks.

A smart burglar alarm system makes your life easier by integrating with other smart home devices. The remote control capabilities help you remain 100% in control from your mobile phone. Take a look at Boundary’s monthly plans to secure your home today.