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Boundary Smart Home Alarm Security System Review

By David Ludlow
Home Technology Editor





Including the basic sensors that will cover most houses, the real choice with Boundary is the type of installation you want. DIY installation allows you to add automated phone calls on your alarm being triggered; go for the professional installation and the call centre can send the police out to your property. Both methods require a subscription, but are well priced. Avoid the free version of Boundary, however, since it’s far too limited.


“Excellent smart home integration and a flexible range of configuration options make this one of the most powerful smart home alarms you can buy.”


Key Features


  • SensorsWith this alarm you can buy window/door sensors and motion sensors (Pet Safe mode is an option)
  • SubscriptionThe free tier limits the number of sensors you can use, so you’ll need a subscription. Smart is for DIY installs (£9.99 a month) and Pro is for professional installs, adding police dispatch (£24.99 a month).
  • Smart integrationsBoundary works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT


“Highly customisable and with some very useful smart home integrations, Boundary is one of the best alarm systems I’ve reviewed”


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