Boundary Product Update

It’s been an incredibly busy few months here at Boundary, and we are now preparing to begin the creation (called tooling in the industry) of the final plastic injection moulds to bring our product to life! At the beginning of the month we moved office to one with 29 desks to ensure that we have the space to grow our team as we ramp up to launching the product.

Part of the process for creating the injection moulds includes producing CAD models of them to test how the heat will flow when they are put into use making our plastic enclosures. This allows cooling channels to be built in to stop certain areas of the plastic from over-heating.

Below is an image of this temperature flow analysis produced by the manufacturer for our outdoor siren (this is the most complex mould we will be creating).

Boundary alarm temperature flow

Hub Development

It has taken a little while longer than planned to get to the tooling stage due to some small issues along the way. It was discovered that the GSM antenna supplied for our test units was supplied at the incorrect spec, and when re-dispatched to our manufacturer, was yet again discovered to be the incorrect spec for the second time! This issue has since been ironed out with the antenna supplier and we have received a correct batch allowing us to progress with wireless testing.

We have also discovered an issue with the ‘Q-Touch` buttons on the main hub (these are the three menu buttons to the side of the LCD display used to navigate through the user interface). These buttons are not responding to touch through the plastic display cover in a reliable manner, so we’re working with the manufacturer of the microchip that provides this feature to arrive at a solution. We do have other backup options in the wings such as replacing the display with a touch screen display to provide this input.

Box Build Assembly

We have completed what is referred to as a ‘box build’ of all of the components of the system which allows us to test if the PCBs, wiring and other internal components fit into the housings as expected. We used CNC milled plastics to do this, meaning that while the plastic finish is not as it will be in the final product.

Below is a picture of a completed hub unit, as you can tell, the plastic is certainly not the final colour of the finished product – however it has confirmed that all of the electronics do fit as expected!

Prototype Boundary hub
Prototype Boundary hub without final plastic finish.

The Next Steps

The bumps in the road we discussed above have led to a delay in getting our product into pre-compliance testing by around 1 month so far. As the Q-Touch issue is still ongoing there could be a further slight delay. Rest-assured, our teams are working quickly on a resolution, and we’re on track to launch the Boundary alarm in May 2020.

If you’re happy to wait until then, you can pre-order the Boundary alarm now. Take advantage of our current offer: a free Outdoor Siren when your order is over £350. Get your coupon code here