Why Millennials are top targets for burglars

Ask yourself: ‘Which age group is most at risk of a burglary?’ The cliché of the lone pensioner comes to mind. However, the perceived vulnerability of the older generations overshadows the reality that those most likely to come back to a ransacked home are… Millennials.


A report released recently by Moneyexpert.com stated that 34% of millennials have experienced a break-in. Compare this to 55 to 64 year olds, 28% of which have experienced a break-in, despite living considerably longer.

So this begs the question: why are burglars targeting millennials?

Well, for one, millennials’ homes are thought to be less secure. Moneyexpert.com’s survey showed that baby boomers are much more likely to invest in home security, with 63 percent of 55 to 64 year olds installing additional door locks to shield their homes from brazen burglars. In contrast, only 23 percent of millennials have installed secure locks in their property, with the same small number investing in security lighting.

One reason for this apparent oversight could lie in the perceived expense of security systems. It’s true that more traditional alarm systems, such as those offered by recognised brands like Yale or ADT, can be costly. But what home owners may not be aware of is that there are other affordable and just as effective options out there.

At Boundary, we feel that home security should be enjoyed by the many, not the few. That’s why we have created an affordable smart home alarm with high-grade security, so that everyone, not just premiership footballers and pop stars, can safeguard their home with a top tier security system.

Another reason that millennials may be a common target for thieves is that they are considered a generation of renters. While baby boomers are recognised as the home-owning generation, millennials are finding it notoriously difficult to get on the housing ladder.

As a result, many 18 to 34 year olds are living in rented properties, so it’s understandable that they would rather not invest in a home security system that will need to be abandoned in a year’s time when their lease is up.

Yet, no one should be forced to compromise on safety and security, regardless of ownership status. That is why we have designed a portable home security system that owners can take with them when they move. This DIY alarm system can move as often as required, keeping every home you live in as safe as the last. Better yet, the portable nature of our alarm guarantees that every penny spent is considered a savvy investment, not a meaningless one-off splurge.

Whether you are a millennial, a baby boomer or somewhere in between, being pro-active is the best way to stay secure.