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IFTTT integrations are GO! 🚀

We’re excited to announce that Boundary’s wireless alarm systems now works with IFTTT (If This Then That).

IFTTT opens the door to connecting Boundary with over 600 other smart devices, from lighting and locks to garden water sprinklers and dogs barking on your smart speakers. We’ve created 12 nifty applets to get you started, and of course with IFTTT you’re also free to create a few of your own. 

Create actions to be triggered when you arrive home

So why would you want to use IFTTT to connect your home security to other devices? Firstly, arming and disarming your alarm are great triggers to create actions. They tell other smart devices in your home that you’re either coming home or going out for a significant period of time. Who wouldn’t want to come home to find the lights are already on to guide your way,  or Sonos has put on a little background music? 

Or when you go out

How about saving a bit of energy when you go out? There are Boundary and IFTTT applets to make sure the lights are turned off and your Nest thermostat drops to a specific temperature. Or, if the alarm is armed and it is night time then the lights turn on. 

And if you have a teenager in the house who persistently leaves the hair tongs on when they go out, well add a smart plug and find an applet for that. No more worries in that department.

There are 12 nifty applets to get you started.

Here are just a few. Find more at ifttt.com/boundary

And to surprise intruders?

Boundary can tell your Sonos to start barking like a dog if it senses an intruder. Or, have your Philips Hue bulbs flash red so the whole neighbourhood knows that something’s up! You could even turn your Gardena water sprinklers turn on, so the burglar can’t make an easy escape.  It’s all possible with Boundary and IFTTT. 

To get started, download the IFTTT app and search Boundary to see all the available applets.