IFTTT & Boundary

IFTTT Boundary integration

IFTTT (if this then that) is a service to unite your smart home. It helps tech from different brands work in harmony. You, the user, create a conditional statement for some sort of automated event – if this happens, then do this.

One of our favourites is the pairing between LIFX smart bulbs and Weather underground(WU). WU tells LIFX lightbulbs to turn on and get gradually brighter as the sun goes down. Good for the eyes and a handy electricity-saver.

Both of these brands, LIFX and WU, would be unlikely to build direct integrations with each other. This is what makes IFTTT useful.

For Boundary, IFTTT opens doors to the smart home. It allows us to integrate with all sorts of smart devices.

Philips Hue

One integration we’re excited for is with Philips Hue (and other smart lights). You can programme Boundary to turn lights on and off in different rooms while you’re out, mimicking you being home. In terms of reactive security you can set your Boundary alarm to flash your smart light red if the alarm is activated.

IFTTT also opens up new options for notifications. If you tend to keep your phone on silent at work you could choose to receive a Slack message from the Boundary alarm instead of a push notification.

In the future, we will look at IFTTT’s potential with third-party smart cameras and smart speakers.

Of course, all these IFTTT automations need to be coded and made available on the IFTTT applet catalogue. Our in-house developers can build some applets; we’ll also encourage the Boundary community to create and share their own.

Amazon Alexa

Like IFTTT, Amazon Alexa has commands. These are called skills. Again, these take some coding, and we’re looking forward to producing useful skills for our customers. The feedback and suggestions we get will be invaluable.

Using Amazon Echo as a Glass Break Sensor

Several of our customers have asked about further home security devices, like glass break detectors and smoke alarms. In the long-term we’ll certainly consider adding these as part of the Boundary family, especially the glass break detector. In the short term, we’re looking to integrate with Alexa Guard. This will allow you to turn your Amazon Echo into a listening device, which will notify you if it hears your glass break or smoke alarm sounding!

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