How to Reset Your Alarm If It’s Been Tampered With

Is your alarm giving you a tamper fault code? A tamper warning code could result from the tamper peg not connecting correctly, the improper mounting of your device, or an intruder. Some devices, like our sensors, hub and siren, come with tamper seals too, and you’ll get a code when one of those is broken. The alarm works as a security feature to alert you when your system has been tampered with.

The tamper code usually shows in the case that someone tries to pull the hub off an inside wall or the siren off your external wall. When this happens, the cables that connect the system to the inside of your home will throw a tamper code. For a wireless system, like ours, it could be for a number of other reasons.

As a result, your alarm may sound when someone tries to rip the hub off the wall or open it up. No need to let this scare you. Today, we will be providing you with step-by-step directions on how to reset your alarm after tampering.

What Is Tampering?

Starting with the basics, alarm tampering is intentionally or unintentionally causing damage to the security system or attempting to achieve unauthorised entry into the home.

How to Reset Your Alarm After Tampering

Here are the steps to take to reset your alarm after tampering for the outdoor siren, door and window sensors, and the central hub device.

Tamper Warning On Outdoor Siren

The Outdoor Siren has a pulsing blue LED light to help it remain visible at night and a 95-decibel siren that will sound if the alarm is tampered with.

1. Contact support

  • If you get a tamper warning, the first thing you should do is to contact our support team for help. While it is a simple fix, it is crucial to contact us first to escalate the issue appropriately.

2. Remove tamper warning

  • The next step to take is to remove the tamper warning. To do that, just observe that the silver pegs inside the siren lead are tightened correctly so that the siren peg closes tight against the casing.

3. Tighten or loosen peg, if applicable

  • Please use caution when tightening or loosening the screws. It is recommended to use a manual screwdriver instead of a power screwdriver to avoid tightening the peg too much and causing further damage to the system.

4. Ensure the siren is appropriately mounted

  • Last, ensure the siren is appropriately mounted by observing even placement and ensuring that none of the bolts and screws are warped.

Door Or Window Tamper Warning

The door and window contact sensors alert you every time a door or window opens.

1. Contact support

  • Always contact support so that they are aware that you are having this issue.

2. Remove the sensor from the holding bracket

  • Observe that the bracket is not twisted or warped

3. Replace the holding bracket

  • Double-check to ensure the fit is correct and that the bracket and peg physically connect. Ensure the screws are tightened enough to make good contact with the back bracket.
  • If this doesn’t clear the tamper code, remove the sensor from the bracket again and use your finger to hold onto the tamper switch gently.
  • Hold it until the tamper switch message is cleared from the hub.

Hub Tamper Warning

If you are receiving a tamper warning on the central hub system, the keypad may be mounted incorrectly, causing the tamper peg not to make a physical connection to the tamper switch on the back of the hub.

1. Contact Support

  • This is the essential step in the process to ensure your safety.

2. Find out what’s causing the warning

  • Tap the central hub.
  • Enter in your pin
  • Select the green tick.
  • At this point, you should get the “unmounted tamper warning.”

3. Tighten the central hub device to the wall with a manual screwdriver

  • Ensure the peg fits directly into the hole on the bottom left of the bracket. If tightening it doesn’t work, try loosening it up as either could be the issue.
  • Check the cable. Ensure the wire is securely in its groove because this can cause extra space between the tamper peg and the bracket.
  • If this doesn’t work, try stuffing thin packaging materials behind the temper peg to gently force it to make a physical connection with the bracket.

If none of these attempts clear the tamper code, please contact us to further assist you in getting your security system working optimally again.

Find Out Why

Here are the four main reasons your siren may be sounding after it’s been tampered with.

  • The tamper peg is not physically connecting to the internal tamper switch on your hub or the tamper seals gold contacts aren’t connecting.
  • Someone attempted to yank your entire hub off of the wall.
  • Someone attempted to disable a motion or contact sensor
  • The hub is mounted incorrectly.

The main reason your system may be throwing a tamper code is the security peg not connecting to the back bracket correctly. Follow the steps above to find out how to reset your alarm after tampering. If not, contact our support team, and we will get to the bottom of the issue.

Boundary’s Tamper-Resistant Technology

The Boundary team have created a smart security system that works to assist you in keeping you and your family safe. The boundary security system comes with an app that’s easy to set up.

With it, you can check your sensors and know the exact time an alarm is triggered. The central hub lets you monitor and control up to 64 connected devices seamlessly and effortlessly while working to notify you of any sudden changes or threats.

Boundary’s alarm system lets you choose your immediate response when the alarm is triggered. For example, automated calls to keyholders or quick police response, if needed.

The system also comes with one-touch exit technology that lets you tap your key fob on the hub to leave home. The panic button inside the app is only a slide away.

Boundary’s tamper-resistant technology protects its users by preventing unauthorised removal of the sensor. The technology provides your family with a deep-seated sense of reassurance that if anything untoward is happening with any one of your smart home security components, your alarm will sound. Our PIR Motion sensors alert you of movement even when not at home.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate alarm system to protect your family, check out the Boundary alarm system and find out how it can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle taking the worry out of home safety.