How to choose an intruder alarm

How do you choose the right alarm for you? The home security market is awash with different products all offering different price points, features and functionalities. So to make things a little easier for you, we have compiled a list of things you may want to consider before you make that all important purchase.


Leading brands like Verisure and ADT will ask you to submit a quote before they show you any pricing. Once they receive this, they will then follow up with a sales call, using tactics like discounts or added extras to persuade you to buy.

At Boundary, we are taking a different approach. We are keeping our pricing simple and transparent. Our prices will be on our website and our customers will be able to purchase our product online. We will be offering a range of affordable monthly plans for all sorts of homes, so you can choose a subscription that best suits your needs.

Every home is different, so it is worth checking prices on additional sensors for your property if you think you may need them.

Graded versus ungraded

While doing your homework, you may have noticed the term “grading” being thrown around. Wondering why? Well, a grade is an alarm’s ability to meet UK and EU standards. These standards relate to things like core functionality and are designed to reduce false alarms and protect you against low quality or faulty products.

The Boundary alarm conforms to level two grading meaning that it resists intruders with knowledge of the alarm system and a general range of equipment. This level gives customers the satisfaction of knowing that the Boundary alarm is trustworthy and meets the regulations – provided it’s installed correctly.

Features and functionality  

Over the years, alarm companies have enhanced their products by introducing the latest features and functionalities. Some key ones to keep in mind are:

  • Cellular back up: This means that your alarm can still message you and request a police response* even if the Wi-Fi fails. If this were to happen to the owner of a Boundary alarm, the Central Alarm Hub would use a radio transmitter to send an SMS. Your home will also continue to be protected.
  • Smart home integration: Integration is on the rise and an increasing number of alarms are adding this to their offering. Our Boundary alarm will be integrated with Nest, Home Hub and Amazon Alexa, and can be accessed via voice commands.
  • Accompanying phone apps: With Boundary, customers will be able to control their alarm via an app on their smart phone. If you want your home smart devices to work with Boundary then you can use Boundary’s IFTTT functionality. For example customers can IFTTT between Boundary and Phillips Hue so that the lights turn on should the alarm trigger.
  • Pet friendly: To an alarm sensor, living things are just moving blocks of infrared heat. Generally, motion sensors don’t discriminate between the size and location, meaning it will react to pets as well as humans. Techniques have been developed to avoid this, with sensors being programmed to ignore movement based on weight. The Boundary sensor will ignore pets below 35kg.

*subscription required


Nowadays alarms can be installed by customers themselves or can be professionally installed by an engineer. When it comes to choosing installation, it’s worth being absolutely sure you have all the facts together before making a decision.

If you are looking for an alarm on the cheaper end of the scale, a self-install alarm could be the one for you. But remember that if you install your alarm yourself then you will forfeit police reponse.

If you want to be sure of an alarm’s reliability and are keen for peace of mind that your alarm has a direct link to the police then a professional installation is more appropriate. This is slightly more expensive but could pay dividends in the long run.

Whatever you decide, think carefully about what your wants and needs are before you hit the purchase button.

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