How Often Should You Change Your House Alarm Battery?

Changing your house alarm battery is part of the standard maintenance of a home security system. However, knowing how long the backup battery will last, interpreting potential errors or notices and minimising false alarms can be challenging to navigate.

However, your peace of mind and the safety of your home, your family, and your belongings are at stake. Therefore, understanding your alarm’s battery system is a crucial first step to ensure the most secure protection, and that begins with how often you should change your house alarm battery.

How long does an alarm system backup battery last?

From console controllers to television remotes and smoke detectors, battery replacement is a standard task many put off until the last minute. Luckily, it isn’t typically an urgent task, especially for your alarm system.

However, power outages and unexpected disruptions can leave your alarm system – depending on its backup battery – with little or no notice at all. In most cases, your alarm system is powered continuously for 12 or more hours via the internal LiPO battery backup, meeting British and European standards for battery backup life.

The backup battery will also begin charging automatically once the central system is powered on again, meaning batteries are unlikely to need a replacement for a year or longer.

Signs your backup battery needs replacing

If you do not know when your wireless alarm system was last serviced or when the backup battery was last replaced, it’s best to consider purchasing a replacement battery. As the backup battery begins to run low, most systems will show signs or signals that prompt you to replace the battery.

Low battery notifications

The most obvious sign that a backup battery needs replacing is a low-battery notification. You should check your user manual to interpret any shorthand codes and ensure that the message corresponds to a low battery. Words like LOBAT, BATT, or even LOW are likely to indicate the need for a battery replacement.

Occasionally, power outages or power disruptions trigger low battery notifications. More information may be required to locate the notification trigger. If the warning remains present after 24 hours, most alarm companies recommend replacing the battery.

Beeping sound

Many alarm systems will emit a beeping sound to notify you of specific alerts or warnings. If your alarm starts beeping, check your user instructions to learn what the notification indicates, what the condition is, and how to resolve it.

Beeps may be intermittent, short, or long and may not repeat continuously. Prompt attention is necessary to locate the trigger and resolve the issue.

Flashing light

In addition to low battery notifications or beeping sounds, flashing lights may also indicate that your backup battery needs replacing. Light indicators may present in different colours or flashing patterns, so it’s essential to understand the specific issue that needs addressing.

What if my backup battery goes completely dead?

If your house alarm backup battery goes completely dead, your entire security system is at risk, making you more vulnerable to potential break-ins or thefts. In this case, homeowners should prioritise battery replacement immediately.

Can low batteries cause false alarms?

There’s nothing worse than a false alarm from your home security system. However, false alarms can also be dangerous. If repeated often, family members may not take a legitimate warning alarm seriously.

While many triggers can cause a false alarm, low batteries or unreliable power sources are most common.

Replacing your batteries consistently and on a schedule is one way to prevent reoccurring false alarms. In addition, using smart home integration eliminates these annoying false alarms and keeps you and your home safer.

Replacing a house alarm battery

When you need to replace a house alarm battery, it’s critical to follow the user manual or provide instructions exactly. Depending on the model of the burglar alarm, battery replacement may be a simple task or may require a few additional steps.

Once you’ve determined the type of battery you need and remove the existing battery, you should thoroughly test the alarm system. To ensure proper operation, have a family member or friend help you test all of the alarm’s features and settings.

Why choose Boundary?

The most brilliant protection is prevention. The Boundary alarm system uses long-life, Lithium batteries, and all motion and contact sensors are 100% wireless. Not only that, but you have a real-time view of your alarm battery level through the app. With all your control being in palm of your hand, you can arm your system even if one sensor fails too.

The protection system begins with the central alarm hub. The hub is your centralised communication centre that controls and monitors sensors around your home. The hub communicates with the Boundary app in one seamless integration, putting all of your notifications and the most critical information at your fingertips.

Boundary’s world-class wireless technology is also optimised for smart home technology. Quickly integrate your home’s windows, blinds, lights, locks and more with your Boundary security system to create custom sequences within the app using ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) that make your life easier.

The best home security system must be more than an alarm system. Boundary’s simple keyfob system allows users to activate or deactivate key fobs at any time and view history logs from authorised users.

Boundary knows that homeowners want peace of mind at all times of the day, especially when they are away on holiday. You can establish keyholders – trusted friends or neighbours – who can control your security system while you’re away or whenever you need them to for as long as you like.

Other features of the Boundary security system include:

  • Intentional design to minimise false alarms
  • Easy DIY alarm installation with simple to follow instructions
  • Customised alarm bundles to suit different house sizes
  • Motion sensors meet rigorous requirements to conform to the UK and European standards

Upgrade to a Boundary alarm system

The Boundary system is designed with your home in mind and built to meet your most demanding security requirements. Design your alarm to create your perfect personalised plan, and with no long term contracts, cancellation fees or hidden costs. There’s a system to fit every budget. Choose our monthly plans and change your subscription plan at any time.

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