February Product Update

It’s been a busy start to the year here at Boundary HQ! We now have actual sample plastics from our moulds in our office and have been checking them over for quality purposes – the good news is that only a few adjustments need to be made to our tools to achieve perfection.

There is also a timeline update below in connection with the current Coronavirus outbreak in China, so be sure to scroll down.

Below are a few pictures of our injection mould tools, and some of the resulting plastic parts.

injection mould key fob
Injection mould tool for NFC Keyfob inner section


Keyfob outer shells mould tool
Keyfob outer shells in the mould tool


Injection mould tool outdoor siren
Injection mould tool for outdoor siren


Motion sensor factory mould
(This is a gif it may take a while to load) – Motion sensor front-outer shell being moulded

Timeline update

As you are likely aware Coronavirus has affected all regions of China, which led the Chinese government to extend the New Years holidays – meaning that the majority of factory workers could not return to work. This closed our factory producing the plastics for our prototypes for a further 7 days, and has affected many of our component suppliers, some of which still have not returned to work.

Unfortunately, this will have a knock-on effect on our launch date as components in our supply chain become delayed and arrive with our manufacturer later than planned.

We are confident that this will not have a huge impact, and will keep you posted in the next Kickstarter Update and via our monthly email newsletter.  Our contract manufacturer has already put contingency plans in place so that manufacture of these prototypes can take place elsewhere if required.