We are hiring (someone a bit different)

Here at Boundary Technologies we are looking for a unique candidate to join the team on a consultation basis, with a role focused on assisting us with product testing alongside advice-led articles.

So, what’s unique about the role?

The individual we are looking to hire for the role will have previously been convicted of a domestic burglary, in order to help bring a unique level of insight to the table.

Why a convicted ex-burglar?

As our unique home security system is designed to outsmart criminals and stop burglars in their tracks, it makes sense for us to collaborate with someone who has the unparalleled experience and understanding of security that we’re looking for. By making a burglary conviction a pre-requisite for the job, we can make sure we pick someone with the experience we need and the work ethic to put that to good use.

What’s more, we also hope to be able to help our hired reformed offender get back on their feet, find some paid work in the current unstable job market, and generate some experience to add to their CVs for future career opportunities.

To assist us in making this initiative a reality, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful guys at Unlock, a national advocacy charity for people with criminal records, to help guide us along the correct path. As part of our commitment to help, we will also be making a monetary donation to Unlock, which will go towards supporting its charitable work.

Christopher Stacey, co-director of Unlock, said:

“People with criminal records are often assumed to be untrustworthy – yet here’s a job where the ability to spot the flaws in a system are essential. Whether it’s advising on burglar alarms or providing customer service, excluding people because of their past convictions means missing out on skilled candidates and we encourage businesses of all shapes and sizes to look beyond someone’s past and look at the potential they can bring to the organisation.”

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Have an spent conviction for a domestic burglary
  • Have extensive knowledge of domestic burglaries
  • Hold an enthusiastic and hard-working mentality
  • Be available on a consultation basis for at least 2+ days initially

The candidate will be expected to work between two to three days to begin with, on an initial pro- rata salary of £40k.

Disclosure and Barring Service Check

As this post requires a candidate to have an spent conviction for domestic burglary, we will ask
candidates to disclose their conviction and carry out a basic DBS check.

Those looking to apply, click here to view the vacancy page