Do You Need a Permit for a Home Security System in the UK?

Many property owners’ minds are on getting a home security system installed. There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying a new home security system, from the type of installation, to any additional features you want. We’re here to put your mind at ease and answer the question ‘Do you need a permit for a home security system in the UK?’.

What are the UK’s regulations for home security systems?

If you have friends and family in the United States, you may have heard about the hassles involved with getting a home security system over there. Americans often need permits and can even be charged for false alarms by local fire and police departments.

Fortunately, in the UK we don’t have this issue. You won’t need a permit, and you don’t have to worry about financial penalties if there is a false alarm. UK authorities recognise the importance of home security systems in keeping properties and property owners secure, and they don’t want to create obstacles. However, if you receive too many false alarms in a short period of time, your local police force may downgrade you to a lesser police response.

In the UK, the only home security system hassles come from CCTV. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the DPA (Data Protection Act) are laws and regulations you will have to abide by when you have a CCTV system that may record the area around your property. The good news? Effective home security systems don’t need to have CCTV as a component.

Can I install a siren without a permit or license?

Yes, you can install a siren without a permit or license. Outdoor alarms are an effective deterrent. The outdoor siren alarm from Boundary includes a 95-decibel siren that will sound if two sensors are triggered. No matter where you get your outdoor alarm, make sure it has an extended battery life of at least 12 months and an LED light.

If your Boundary alarm sounds, it will stay on for 15 minutes unless you choose to silence it with a simple swipe on the Boundary app.

Understanding the causes of false alarms can help you prevent them occurring. This is important because the more times your siren goes off by accident, the more likely your alarm will be ignored. Too many false alarms and your neighbours may become desensitized, making them less likely to call the police for you. Frequent false alarms can see your protection downgraded by the Police. This isn’t ideal as one day the threat could be real.

The trouble is, burglars are also aware that people may wonder if the alarm sounding is a false alarm. They may leave immediately when an alarm sounds, choosing to hang around for a while in hiding outside to see if help arrives.

Do I need a license for CCTV?

You don’t need a license for CCTV or home security cameras, but you must still abide by government regulations. Some police forces have reported home CCTV systems causing problems. Issues seem to stem from lighting problems and cameras misinterpreting movement just outside of their view.

Do I need cameras in my home security system?

No. Not everyone feels happy with cameras recording inside or outside their home. An effective home security system, like Boundary, gives you comprehensive protection.

You can keep an eye on every sensor directly from the app, and get alerts for important events happening in your home. Plus, if you choose a plan with 24/7 monitoring our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will keep a close eye on your home around the clock.

Home security without the hassle

You choose the elements of your system with Boundary. You’re never locked into a contract, and there is no requirement for time-consuming surveys. Simply figure out how many sensors your property needs using the estimator on the website. Then go ahead and select a plan, keeping in mind the features you’ll find most useful.

When it comes to installation, you’re free to choose the DIY install option, or have your system fitted by professional installers. (A requirement if you later want to opt for police monitoring.) For a reliable, secure smart security system with different monthly monitoring options and a whole host of easy to use smartphone features, check out our latest offers and bundles.

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