DIY Alarm Installation – How hard is it?

The first obvious game-changer with smart home security is it’s wireless. And that makes DIY alarm installation possible.  But you might be wondering how difficult it is? What tools will you need? Do you have to be handy with a power drill? We’re all so used to paying traditional alarm companies royally for installation and maintenance, it’s normal to question whether you can do it yourself. 

Here we’ve listed everything you’ll need to self-install a Boundary smart home security system.  It’s a very sophisticated system, but we think you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to install. 

You’ll need a screwdriver

The central hub is the brains of the outfit. It needs to be placed somewhere you can plug it in and get to it from the front door within 45 seconds. If you choose to wall mount it you’ll need to drill four holes for the wall bracket. Once the wall bracket is mounted the hub simply slides in. If you’d rather not drill holes, buy a tabletop stand for it to rest on.

You’ll need a nearby plug socket

The central hub plugs into a normal wall socket. No need for hard wiring or an electrician. 

A smartphone and Wi-Fi

Once plugged in your hub will switch on and begin searching for wi-fi automatically. You’ll need to enter your wi-fi password and download the Boundary App to your phone. You’ll also need a screwdriver to open the sensor casing to scan the QR code. Sensors only need to be screwed to the wall if you’re going for pro-install. For DIY install it’s fine to use the velcro strips supplied to stick to doors and walls. 

This video shows you how simple it is to install a motion sensor.

A small stepladder

And that’s only if you’re having an outdoor siren. We recommend you locate your siren where it’s clearly visible on the outside of your house to passers-by. You only need to mount it high enough to be out of reach of intruders. You’ll need to drill three holes in the wall, and you’ll need a crosshead screwdriver to fix to the wall.  There’s an integral spirit level inside the siren itself to help you get it straight. 

You’ll need about 2 hours

It takes around 5 minutes to pair and mount each sensor.  We would allow around two hours to complete installation in an average 3-4 bedroom home. Obviously, if you have a bigger house it’s best to allow a little more time to pair all the additional sensors. And that’s it.

Spare batteries in about a year… 

All components self-check and report if there are any problems. All you’ll have to do is replace the batteries once a year. And the app will tell you when it’s time. No expensive maintenance visits required. 

Want to see how easy DIY alarm installation really is?

If you’d like to know more, why not watch our install videos showing you how to fit a motion sensor, contact sensor, outdoor siren and central hub.  

Then relax and enjoy getting to know your leading edge system. Of course, then there’s the possibility of smart integrations with your smart speakers and lights, but that’s probably a job for another day! 

Rather leave it to the experts?

Pro-install is available for £199. For more information check out DIY Install v Pro Installation.