Boundary vs Verisure

boundary vs Verisure2

Before we get into a head-to-head comparison, it’s worth noting that you can see all Boundary’s prices on our website. We want to be totally transparent, from our hardware costs to our monthly plans.

Currently, Verisure only provides quotes over the phone or in person, via their salespeople. This can lead to variances in quotes and contract length. However, we have done our best to get accurate prices for Verisure’s hardware and ongoing support.

Alarm Systems

For the simplest comparison, we’ve compared the Verisure Starter Kit with the Boundary Small House Bundle These are:.

Boundary Verisure
Central Hub 1 1
Contact Sensors 2 4
Movement Sensors 4 2
Outdoor Siren 1 Not Available
Key Fobs 2 6

Costs of Ownership

Most homeowners keep their alarm system for an average of seven years or more. That’s why it’s useful to compare costs over time. Especially when there’s a monthly fee.

Here’s a Total Cost of Ownership* (TCO) comparison between Boundary and Verisure.

Boundary Verisure
Initial Hardware Cost £509
(Including outdoor siren)
Non-Monitored Monthly Fee £8 Not available
Monitored Monthly Fee £25 £32.90
TCO (1 year) £605 £754
TCO (2 years) £701 £1,149
TCO (3 years) £797 £1,543
TCO (7 years) £1,181 £3,122
TCO Monitored (1year) £1,008 £754
TCO Monitored (2 years) £1,308 £1,149
TCO Monitored (3 years) £1,608 £1,543
TCO Monitored (7 years) £2,808 £3,122
Cost for 2 extra movement sensors £60 £180 + an extra £4/month
  • If you want to add extra sensors to your Boundary system you only pay for the cost of the sensors, it doesn’t affect your monthly fee. With Verisure, your monthly fee increases on top of the sensor costs, e.g. two additional movement sensors cost 2 x £90, plus an additional £4 per month or £48 per year.)

*Total cost of ownership: an estimate of all the direct and indirect costs involved in buying and using a product over its lifetime.

Installation options

Currently Verisure only offers professional installation. With the Boundary alarm you can choose between self-installation and pro installation (for an additional fee)

24/7 Monitoring and Police Response

If you choose Boundary’s Complete plan then your alarm will be professionally installed and monitored 24/7 by an alarm receiving centre (ARC). If there’s a break-in the police will be requested, with a level 1 immediate police response.

Verisure offer 24/7 monitoring but the ARC cannot request a police response. Instead, a guard will be sent to your property in the event of a break-in.

Alarm Standards and Certification

These standards are recognised by insurers, alarm companies and the police. They indicate the reliability of the alarm against false alarms and therefore whether the alarm can request a police response.

Boundary Verisure
Product Grading 2* 2
NSI/SSAIB Approved Company? Yes – SSAIB** No
NSI/SSAIB Approved Installation? Yes – SSAIB No
NSI/SSAIB Approved Monitoring? Yes – NSI Gold Yes – NSI Gold
Approved for Level 1 Police Response? Yes No

* Product grading currently in progress and will be complete shortly after launch
** SSAIB certification only applies to our professionally installed product and does not extend to DIY installs

For your alarm system to be professionally monitored and registered with your local police force it must:

  • Be a system that has a minimum grade 2 rating
  • Have the system installed by an NSI or SSAIB certified company
  • Be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre that is also certified by the NSI or SSAIB
  • The supplying company be registered with the local police on their Compliant Systems list
  • Have a URN (Unique Reference Number) issued by your local Police force after installation


The Boundary system is packed with features and the table below shows a direct comparison with Verisure:

Boundary Verisure
Remote ‘over the air’ updates
Mobile App
Mobile App Quality Excellent Good
Cellular Backup Optional Upgrade
Mains Failure Battery Backup
Neighbourhood Watch App
Smart Home Integration
Occupied Home Simulation
Geofencing Alarm Reminders
Automated Keyholder Calling
Contract Length 30 Days 90 Days

The Verdict

Verisure is a worthy contender. But as you can see, Boundary is one of the most secure and feature-packed alarm systems available. It’s been designed and built from the ground up by UK security experts and software designers to solve the problems of traditional alarm systems with leading-edge technology thinking. For protection against all known threats and a system you can control easily from your phone, there’s only one choice.

All of the data has been gathered between December 2019 to January 2020. We have tried to make sure the systems are similar to Boundary but this isn’t always possible. All features and other comparisons are taken from publically available information displayed on the company website.