Boundary vs SimpliSafe

boundary vs Simplisafe2

SimpliSafe launched in the UK back in 2019, making their self-install burglar alarm available through their website. In this article we look at the key differences between the Boundary smart alarm and SimpliSafe’s.

Alarm Systems

We compared the Boundary Small House Bundle with the equivalent SimpliSafe alarm system. Here’s a table to illustrate the components in each bundle:

 BoundaryPrice per unitSimpliSafePrice per unit
Central Hub1£2191Varies
Contact Sensors2£302£14.99
Movement Sensors4£304£29.99
External Siren1£901£59.99
Key Fobs2£20 for 21£24.99

*SimpliSafe Base Stations cannot be bought separately. It must be bought as part of a bundle.

The SimpliSafe system does include a SimpliCam product (£49 when purchased separately, which requires the Pro or Pro Premium plan to access). Boundary have decided against offering a similar product due to privacy concerns. Our monitored solution does not require visual confirmation of a break-in. More on this further down…

PIR Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are the watchmen of your home. From the corners of rooms, they scan for burglars by detecting changes in infrared heat.

Both Boundary and SimpliSafe offer motion sensors which are pet-friendly, but with different specifications:

 Boundary Motion SensorSimpliSafe Motion Sensor
Ignores pets up to35kg 23kg
How to make sensors pet-friendlyWith the Boundary phone appAdjust physical switch on sensor and turn upside-down
Recommended installation height2.25m1.2m – 1.5m
Max detection range20m9.1m

Outdoor Siren

Boundary Alarm Outdoor Siren

The Boundary external siren is fully IP54 rated and will withstand harsh weather including heavy rain or snow. The siren has been independently certified to withstand SO2, salt mist, tamper, shock and impact as required by British & European standards.

We have been advised that the SimpliSafe siren meets an IP54 rating but the website says it should be protected by an overhang, eve or porch.

Installation options

With the Boundary alarm you can choose between self-installation and pro installation (for an additional fee). With our Complete plan you also get a free annual maintenance, done by a Boundary engineer.

Currently SimpliSafe only offers self-installation.

Costs of ownership

On average, homeowners keep their alarm system for seven years. Here we compare the Total cost of ownership* (TCO) over time, including upfront purchase costs and ongoing monthly subscriptions.

In the table below, ‘Monitored’ refers to 24/7 monitoring by an alarm receiving centre (ARC) and police dispatch if a burglary is confirmed,

Initial Hardware Cost£509£494
Non-Monitored Monthly Fee£8£12.99
Monitored Monthly Fee**£25£19.99
TCO (1 year)£605£650
TCO (2 years)£701£806
TCO (3 years)£797£962
TCO (7 years)£1,181£1,585
TCO Monitored (1 year)£1,008£738
TCO Monitored (2 years)£1,308£974
TCO Monitored (3 years)£1,608£1,214
TCO Monitored (7 years)£2,808£2,173
Cost for 2 extra movement sensors£60£60

*Although SimpliSafe, just like Boundary, offers a free subscription plan, it is limited in features and will effectively turn the system into an audible only alarm with no access from their mobile app. In the interests of fairness, we have compared our Plus plan at £8/month and the SimpliSafe Pro plan at £12.99/month as they both offer similar features and functionality at this price point.

**Does not include additional expenses, like SimpliSafe’s Guard call-out fee.

24/7 Monitoring and Police Response

Who monitors the alarm?An alarm receiving centre (ARC)An alarm receiving centre
When are the police requested?Two activated sensors e.g. front-door contact sensor and hallway motion sensor.On visual verification of the burglar with SimpliSafe camera.
How are they requested?The ARC will have a direct line to the police.By calling 999. The ARC will go through an operator.
ARC response if alarm is triggered but burglary is not confirmed?The ARC will contact the homeowner and any nominated keyholder.Guard dispatched. With the SimpliSafe Pro Premium plan this costs £75 for the first 15 minutes at the address.

Alarm Standards and Certification

NPCC System TypeAB
Product Grading2*None
NSI/SSAIB Approved Company?Yes – SSAIB**No
NSI/SSAIB Approved Installation?Yes – SSAIBNo
NSI/SSAIB Approved Monitoring?Yes – NSI GoldYes – NSI Gold
Approved for Level 1 Police Response?YesNo
Speed of Police ResponseLevel 1 – Highest PriorityNo guarantee of response

* Product grading currently in progress and will be complete shortly after launch

** SSAIB certification only applies to our professionally installed product and does not extend to DIY installs

The Level 1 Police response is only available for systems that conform to a “Type A” installation as detailed below. Type B systems cannot use the same “direct to Police” request from a monitoring centre or expect a Level 1 response. More information can be found on the NSI & SSAIB websites.

For your alarm system to be professionally monitored and registered with your local police force it must:

  • Be a system that has a minimum grade 2 rating
  • Have the system installed by an NSI or SSAIB certified company
  • Be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre that is also certified by the NSI or SSAIB
  • The supplying company be registered with the local Police force on their Compliant Systems list
  • Have a URN (Unique Reference Number) issued by the local Police force after installation

This criteria must be met for a Level 1 police response in the event of a break-in.


The Boundary system is packed with features and the table below shows a direct comparison with SimpliSafe:

 Boundary Plus PlanSimpliSafe
Remote ‘over the air’ updates
Mobile App✔  
Pro or Premium plan required
Mobile App QualityExcellentGood
Cellular BackupOptional Upgrade✔  
Pro or Premium plan required
Mains Failure Battery Backup
Neighbourhood Watch AppIn development
Smart Home Integration
IFTTT Support
Occupied Home Simulation
Geofencing Alarm Reminders
Night Set Reminder
Automated Keyholder Calling✔  
Pro or Premium plan required
Contract Length30 Days30 Days
Optional Annual Maintenance

Why choose Boundary?

Boundary is an alarm system that prioritises reliability and ease-of-use, with our phone app. The Boundary alarm has been designed and built from the ground up by UK security experts and software designers. We combine decades of alarm system knowledge with modern IoT technology.

Information in this Comparison

All of the data has been gathered since September 2020. We have tried to make sure the systems are similar to Boundary but this isn’t always possible. All features and other comparisons are taken from publicly available information displayed on the company website.

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