Boundary vs Ring

Boundary vs Ring alarm security system


If you’re in the market for a new home security system, we’re here to help you make your decision. We’ve directly compared our own Boundary smart alarm system to the Ring alarm security system to help make your final choice easier.

The design vision behind the Ring and Boundary systems is different. With Ring you’re buying into a video-based system. The Ring alarm system is compatible with Ring Doorbell and Ring Stick-up Cams giving you a real-time live view of the inside of your home, as well as recurring photo snapshots taken throughout the day which show-up on your event timeline.  

Boundary is a UK invention designed to detect break-ins and suspicious movement patterns without the need for cameras, using intelligent sensors and smart algorithms. 

It’s a personal choice, and will ultimately come down to how you feel about having cameras inside your home. Automatic video recording is not for everyone.

Another important consideration is how to monitor your smart home security. Both Boundary and Ring give you push notifications and app-based control with easy arming and disarming from anywhere, unlike clunky old traditional systems where your alarm siren could ring out for hours. But what if you’re on a plane? Or in a meeting? Both systems offer a monitoring option for £8 per month which auto-dials your designated keyholders to tell them there’s a problem at your home. 

The ultimate difference is that Boundary will offer a police-linked response similar to traditional wired systems. For this to happen, every component has to withstand rigorous testing to meet Grade 2 UK and European alarm standards. ‘Graded’ systems provide proven standards of accuracy, reliability and security. Good build quality and reassurance that everything has been done to minimise false alarms. This is what insurance companies are looking for, and it’s a requirement to meet the police compliant systems list, allowing your home to have a URN (unique reference number) for fast response in the event of a crime in progress. At present, no other smart alarm system in the UK is ‘graded’. Boundary certification is pending, expected 2021.

Here’s a comparison of the hardware costs, costs of ownership and grading according to the UK and European alarm standards. 

Boundary & Ring’s alarm features compared

Costs of ownership

On average, homeowners keep their alarm system for seven years. Here we compare the total cost of ownership* (TCO) over time. This includes upfront purchase costs and ongoing
monthly subscriptions.

In the interests of fairness we’ve calculated hardware cost based on buying components separately. However, system bundles and kit offers change frequently.
For a more accurate comparison it’s worth using this format to calculate TCO yourself using the latest offers available.

*Total cost of ownership: an estimate of all the direct and indirect costs involved in buying and using a product over its lifetime.


Contract Length

Monthly plans don’t require a contract with Boundary. You pay monthly and can cancel at any time, with complete freedom to upgrade or downgrade to our free service at any time. 

You can cancel your Ring subscription at any time. 


Alarm Standards and Certification

As you can imagine, the security industry is highly regulated. Here are some of the alarm standards and certifications set by the alarm industry to provide consumers with a level of reassurance about different systems and the companies that supply them.

*Boundary alarm is currently being tested to meet the required standards but has not yet completed the testing process. Police response plans will be available shortly afterwards.   


**SSAIB certification only applies when Boundary is professionally installed and does not apply to DIY installs.


For your alarm system to be professionally monitored and registered with your local police force it must: 

  • Be a system that has a minimum grade 2 rating
  • Have the system installed by an NSI or SSAIB certified company
  • Be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre that is also certified by the NSI or SSAIB
  • The supplying company be registered with the local police force on their Compliant Systems list
  • Have a URN (Unique Reference Number) issued by the local police force after installation


The Verdict

Grade 2 certification for Boundary is pending and confirmation is expected later in 2021. For a feature-packed home security system that’s designed and built from the ground up to solve the problems of traditional alarm systems with leading edge technology, there’s only one choice.  Want to see how Boundary compares to ADT, Verisure or Simplisafe?


Data gathered July 2021. We have tried to ensure the systems are similar to Boundary but this isn’t always possible. All features and other comparisons are taken from publicly available information displayed on the company website.