Boundary ‘vs’ series

Whether you’re thinking of ditching your clunky, old alarm system or buying one for the first time, you probably want to know the differences between burglar alarms currently available. We’ve produced several high-level comparisons between Boundary and other alarm systems on the market.

boundary vs competitor comparison

To ensure the comparisons are as fair as possible we have considered the following factors:


We compared our Small Home Bundle with our competitors’ equivalent bundles:

  • 1 x Hub
  • 2 x Contact (door & window) sensors
  • 4 x Motion sensors
  • 1 x Outdoor siren
  • 2 x Key fobs

Costs of ownership

The following costs were considered:

  • The upfront cost of the system, excluding any special offers
  • Monthly costs for a self-monitored alarm
  • Monthly costs for a professionally monitored* alarm
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for 12, 24, 36 and 84 months including initial costs and ongoing charges

*An alarm monitored by personnel in an alarm receiving centre.


We compared our alarm system to others in the context of UK and European Standards (BS EN 50131). Key questions:

  • Is the system a graded alarm and to what level?
  • Is the product or company recognised by industry bodies such as the NSI or SSAIB?
  • Is a professional installation service available?
  • If the system is professionally monitored does it include a direct police response with a unique reference number issued to the system from the local police authority?


You’ll also see side by side feature comparisons. This is based on information publicly available on competitor sites or within their documentation.

 A quick overall snapshot


  Boundary Verisure Simplisafe ADT Smart Home
Meets Grade 2 Standards? *
External Siren
Professional Monitoring cost/month £25.00 £32.90 £19.99 £29.99
Level 1 Police Response **
Mobile App Quality Excellent Good Poor Average
Min. Contract Term 30 days 90 days 30 days 18 months
Automated keyholder alerts SMS Only
Neighbourhood Watch App.
IFTTT Support
Occupied Home Simulation

* Grading for the Boundary system is currently in progress and will be completed by October 2020.

** Level 1 Police response refers to a professional monitoring service with a level 1 Police response. This is not the same as 24/7 monitoring with guard response. Police Response will also require our complete subscription plan and professional installation. The service will be available once Boundary has been certified and approved by governing bodies.

Select a company from the list below to see how we compare.

Note – All of the data has been gathered between December 2019 to January 2020. We have tried to make sure the systems are similar to Boundary but this isn’t always possible. All features and other comparisons are taken from publically available information displayed on the company website.