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Bike Storage And Security Tips

Secure bike storage is essential to protect your bike from theft. If you don’t have sufficient storage space in your home, investing in an outdoor storage unit for your bike is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Sure, we wouldn’t recommend you install a Boundary smart security system on your garden shed, simply because that’s not what our system is designed for, but we know a thing or two about home security, including safe bike storage.

This article will explore the best types of outdoor storage units available for bikes and what additional security measures you should consider. It will also provide you with tips on how to store your bike indoors if you’ve got the space available.

Where to store your bike

Since we wouldn’t recommend using our home security system on a bike shed, you could opt to store your bike in your home. Storing your bike indoors is also a good idea if you don’t want to invest in external bicycle storage units. If space permits, you could store your bike in your hall or living room, while using a home security system to keep it safe.

Storing a bike in your home

If you decide to store your bike indoors, we’d recommend vertically or horizontally hanging your bike on a wall mount. This is a good solution if you don’t have the floor space to store your bike, as you can hang your bike above furniture.

Horizontally hanging your bike in your living room also has an aesthetic appeal to it, as it allows you to display your bike as a room centrepiece. However, you would need to be careful when placing the bikes on the mounts as you could accidentally scuff your wall. You also need to drill holes into your living room wall when fitting bike mounts, leaving permanent marks.

Alternative indoor storage solutions include free-standing racks, which are recommended if you’re looking to keep multiple bikes inside. These floor-to-ceiling poles don’t require any drilling and are clamped into place. This means that no trace is left behind once you remove them and gives you the option to change the positioning easily if necessary.

Another indoor bicycle storage option would be to invest in a ceiling hoist, which stores your bikes as close to the ceiling as possible, giving you optimum room below. However, these require drilling and can be difficult to operate, especially if your bikes are heavy.

How to store a bike in your garage

A garage is another secure option for storing your bike. You could use similar bike storage solutions to that of your living room and hallway, such as free-standing racks, wall mounts, and ceiling hoists.

However, your garage is likely to be less secure than the rest of your house, so you should implement extra security measures when storing your bikes there. We’d also recommend the following security improvements:

Improve your garage security for secure bike storage

Firstly, you should install a garage door defender to prevent thieves from tilting and forcing the garage door open from the bottom. Secondly, you should aim to keep your garage door key in a safe, hidden place at all times. Storing it in the glove compartment of your car is too obvious a place, and is likely where thieves will check first.

Thirdly, we recommend installing motion detector flood lights to alert you whenever someone approaches your garage, and also to deter the thief from coming any closer to your property.

Lastly, no matter how secure your garage feels, always lock your bike. This ensures that even in the rare case that thieves get past all of your security measures, they’ll still have to face the difficulty of unlocking your bike. This extra layer of security gives you extra time to respond to your security alarm and stop the thieves before they get away.

Need more home security tips? We’ve got you covered.

3 Tips to Consider for Bike Shed Security

When deciding what type of bicycle storage unit to invest in, consider the following tips:

Decide what type of shed you need

There are 3 main types of bike sheds you could invest in – wooden, plastic, and metal – each of which have their own pros and cons.

Wooden bike sheds

Wooden bike sheds are definitely the most aesthetically pleasing option, wood being the traditional material used in garden sheds. Wooden bike sheds can easily be modified (in terms of both shape and appearance), are environmentally friendly, and can be built cheaply.

However, they are less secure than other bike shed options such as metal. A wooden bike shed also requires regular maintenance to prevent rot.

Plastic shed

A plastic or resin bike storage unit is easy to build and, being incredibly light, easy to move around. This portability factor is good if you’re unsure of where to place your bike storage initially. Plastic sheds are also low maintenance.

However, there are a number of drawbacks of plastic sheds, including that they’re not always the most attractive storage solution and aren’t as sturdy as wooden or metal bike sheds.

Metal bike shed

Metal bike storage is definitely the most secure solution as they come with basically no weak spots. Not only would a thief have a difficult time breaking into a metal shed, but they are also weather-resistant and maintenance-free.

However, metal bike sheds can ruin your garden appeal and are not nearly as attractive as wooden sheds. Metal sheds are also more expensive and more difficult to assemble.

Consider the location of the shed

You should also take into consideration the exact positioning of your bike shed. The more hidden, the better, as a conspicuous bike shed will obviously attract attention from people walking by your property.

Ideally, you should select a location that’s hidden from the public by a wall, tree, or bush, preferably in your back garden. The trick is to make the shed visible to you from your home but not to the outside world.

In addition to this, the closer the shed is to your house, the better. Thieves will likely be deterred from breaking into your shed if it’s positioned close to your back door.

Think about the design

You also need to consider what size of bike storage unit you require, based on how many bikes you plan on storing. Even if you’re only planning on storing one bike, it could be useful to invest in large cycle storage to give yourself enough space to perform bike maintenance, such as wheel changes etc.

To give you a rough size idea, you’ll need around 180cm x 64cm x 110cm per bike.

How to Improve Your Bike Shed Security

Making sure your bike storage is safe is similar to securing a shed. In order to make a secure bike shed, you should consider the following tips:

Consider anchoring the shed to the ground

If you’ve got a particularly light bike shed that a thief could easily lift up from one side, consider anchoring it to the ground with concrete piers, bolts, plates, above-ground cables or L-brackets.

You can determine how best to anchor your bike storage to the ground based on what kind of ground the shed sits upon.

Strengthen the door hinges

Door hinges are a major weak point of any shed. They’re normally attached using short or medium screws, which don’t hold a lot of resistance against force and can easily be unscrewed using a conventional screwdriver. Plus, several sheds are built using soft timber. This combination of small screws and soft timber makes forcing an entry into your bike shed easy.

To make your bike shed more secure, we’d recommend removing the standard screws that attach your shed’s door hinges and replacing them with bolts and nuts. To do this, take out the screws, use a drill to widen the holes, and replace the screws with industrial-sized bolts. Alternatively, you could replace the screws with allen key bolts and ball bearings.

Once fitted, you should super glue in between the shaft of the bolt and the nut to further strengthen your door hinges.

Cover the windows to obscure the view

If your bike storage has windows, make sure to obscure the view of your shed’s contents as much as possible.

Thieves are more likely to attempt a break-in if they have a clear idea of the contents of a wooden shed. You can prevent them from gaining this idea by using spray-on glass frosting or stick-on film sheets to obscure the view of the inside of your shed from the outside.

Alternatively, you could replace the windows with opaque ones or buy a new shed that doesn’t feature any windows at all.

Invest in solid, secure bike locks

It’s important to invest in a high-end padlock, such as a Squire, Master, or an Abus, when making your bike shed more secure. However, a high-end padlock might give thieves an idea that you’ve got something to hide.

It’s therefore important to carry out additional security measures, such as installing an alarm or strengthening your door’s hinges, in order to make buying a premium padlock a worthwhile investment.

Invest in a lock anchor

You should lock your bike to something secure and immoveable, such as a ground lock anchor. These can be secured to a concrete floor or a secure wall and need to be drilled in. Once fitted, you’ll always have a place to lock your bike in your shed, making it difficult for thieves to remove them.

Where’s the safest place to store a bike?

The safest place to store your bike is inside, with a Boundary home security system installed. However, this is not always practical, in which case, you should instead invest in a good quality bike storage shed – either a metal, plastic, or wooden one.

Are bike storage sheds worth it?

Secure bike sheds are definitely worth it, as they provide secure bike storage if positioned correctly and backed up sufficiently with additional security measures. A wooden bike shed can be transformed into an extremely secure unit with the addition of lock anchors, high-end padlocks, and strengthened door hinges.

Which bike locks are the best for storing bikes away from home?

One of the best bike locks on the market is the Abus Granit X-Plus 540, as it’s super secure and has to be broken in two places to free the bike.

Combine secure bike storage with a robust home security system

Investing in secure bike storage is essential to everyone who owns a bike, from amateurs to professionals. Secure bike storage may be costly, but it could save you from having to buy or claim for a new bike should it get stolen.

Bike security sheds can also be made as big or compact as you like, depending on the number of bikes you need to store and the garden space you have available.

We’d always recommend taking an approach to your home security that takes in every aspect of your home. This means we’d recommend investing in a wireless alarm system, like Boundary, to help protect your valuables. Boundary offers both DIY alarms and professional alarm installation with the option to choose from a range of monitoring options including 24/7 professional monitoring with police response.