Future Product – Boundary AI Camera

boundary ai camera
A concept design of the Boundary AI camera

We’re teaming up with The University of Edinburgh to develop a groundbreaking outdoor security camera that will embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spot potential intruders.

Working closely with Professor Robert Fisher, Chair of Computer Vision at the University, we’ll create an affordable camera that uses machine vision to classify events captured within the parameters of the home, including being able to determine whether a person has good or malicious intent as soon as they set foot on someone’s private property.

When a person displays certain behaviour that the algorithm is trained to recognise, the camera will ask the person to identify themself. If they refuse, the camera’s video feeds will be passed over to a human operator for verification and intervention.

Dr Radim Tylecek, currently a research associate at the University of Edinburgh, is set to join us as a machine-vision specialist. While Derek Liddle, an ex-Honeywell engineer who has worked with us on the Boundary alarm, will be heading up electronic design and assisting with technology selection for the camera.

Once launched, the camera will be compatible with all smart alarms and will be controlled via the Boundary app. The alarm will form the foundational connection for contacting the police and for integration with other smart home products, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Philips Hue.

Read our interview with Radim, where he talks about his career in machine-learning and Boundary’s AI camera.

The Boundary smart alarm launches later this year. Visit the shop to order it today. The AI camera will be available in late 2021 and will integrate with all Boundary smart alarms.