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The Boundary mobile app gives you complete control over your smart security system from anywhere.

No hardwiring required, so you can easily take your system with you if you move home. Also, sensors can be set to ignore pets up to 35kg.

Choose how you want to install your Boundary alarm system. DIY setup can take as little as 30 minutes.

Designed to meet Grade 2 alarm standards, we offer optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring with Level 1 Police Response.

A security control room
in your pocket

Packed with Smart features, the Boundary app lets you customise and control your smart alarm system from anywhere.

  • Receive push notifications when your alarm is triggered, giving you a real-time notice of activity in your home that you can then monitor and control via the Boundary mobile app.

  • Create personal activity alerts and get notified of any activity or inactivity detected in your home while your alarm system is disarmed.

  • Your Boundary system will detect when you’ve left the house and not armed your alarm. You’ll receive a handy notification asking if you’d like to quickly arm the system from your phone.

  • Arm specific rooms or sensors instead of arming the entire alarm system, e.g. the entire ground floor at night.

Boundary can speak to your favourite smart assistant

Have fun creating arrival and exit automations for lights and speakers with the satisfaction of knowing it's all built on a seriously secure smart alarm system.

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We are proud that our products meet strict UK and EU standards and have achieved accreditation and certification from recognised Home Security bodies.

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Excellent smart home integration and a flexible range of configuration options make it of the most powerful smart home alarms you can buy.


It integrates well with other smart home systems. With its flexible modes and powerful app, this is a great choice for anyone in the UK.

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In addition to our free features, regular app updates and improvements, our Smart and Pro subscription plans include additional features to help you outsmart all known threats.

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Up to 5 Users
Unlimited Sensors
Arm / Disarm via the App
Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT
Advanced User & Key Fob Management
Continuous Security Updates
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£9.99 per month
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Everything included in our Lite plan plus:

Unlimited Users
Push Notifications
Partial Arm via the App
Geolocation & Night Time Reminders
Pet Sensitivity
Emergency Panic Button
Activity Dashboard in the App
Activity Alerts when Disarmed
Automated Keyholder Calling
Occupied Home Simulation
Extended 3 Year Warranty
Priority Technical Support
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£29.99 per month
Most Secure

Everything included in our Lite & Smart plans plus:

24/7 Professional Monitoring
Immediate Police Response Request
Annual Engineer Visit
Free Battery Replacement

You will need to answer a few questions so we can tailor your system to your home and ensure it meets all police requirements. This plan requires a professional alarm installation £229

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  • An alarm’s grade comes from the UK and European Standards on intruder alarms. It relates to alarm’s ability to recognise genuine break-ins and avoid false burglar alarms. Choosing a graded alarm will protect you against low quality or poorly performing products.

  • Burglar alarms don’t need a permit, which instantly makes them a simpler option to a CCTV system. Keeping a CCTV in line with local laws is a continuous task, they are not alarms, and therefore they can’t alert you should something go wrong at your home.

  • We are in the process of developing an advanced AI-powered camera that will detect suspicious activity and challenge it before a crime is even committed!