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Go to work, go on holiday or go to sleep safe in the knowledge that Boundary goes further to keep you safe.

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Your security control room

The Boundary app gives you compete control. Easy to set up and a joy to use, this phone app makes you feel like a security expert.

Set and unset with a swipe and check your sensors in seconds. If your alarm is triggered then you will receive instant notifications, allowing for a quick response.

  • Safely outsmarts criminals

  • Optional police response

  • Beautifully designed app

  • Built to UK & European Standards

  • Smart home integration

Outsmart crime in your sleep.

Some thieves are opportunists, others use more sophisticated trickery like jamming or mimicking your system to get in. Boundary protects against all known threats. No other smart home security system in the UK meets the same Police approved standards. And, your home insurer will love that your new system complies to British and European standards. (BS EN 50131).

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One touch exit.

No annoying beeps. No stress. Just touch your key fob to the Hub and go. And if you forget? No worries. You can arm and disarm Boundary from anywhere using your phone.

The ultimate deterrent. The Police.

Choose what you want to happen if your alarm is triggered. Real-time notifications. Calls to designated keyholders. Or for maximum protection, 24/7 professional monitoring with a Level 1 Police response. You can be asleep on a plane in a different timezone. Your alarm will never be ignored.

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Complete freedom for your smart home.

Boundary will connect seamlessly with your other smart home devices, so you're free to build an autonomous home your own way.

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Philips Hue
  • Google Assistant
  • Samsung SmartThings (Post-launch)
  • IFTTT (Available late February)

This box set comes without the drama.

Software-driven design combined with security intelligence to give you the edge.

The Hub

Quietly working to protect you behind the scenes. Capable of monitoring and controlling up to 64 connected devices securely. Identifies all changes and threats. It is the working brain of the Boundary system.

Motion sensors

Wireless & pet safe, these sensors detect any human motion when you are not at home. These devices use industry standard infra-red detection to trigger an alert should there be any movement in your home while the alarm is armed.

Mobile App

Our intuitive app allows remote monitoring of all sensors allowing you complete control of your boundary. Boundary Alarm app will be compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Door and window

Deployed to detect unauthorised opening of windows and doors. These sensors are wireless so that cables do not have to be put in place.

Outdoor siren

An external alarm device that sounds and flashes bright lights should the alarm be activated, allowing for quick visual identification of any issue by responders.

Smart home

Boundary smart home security system will integrate with 3rd party services, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Philips Hue to bring you added benefits such as turning your home lighting on if an intruder is detected.

This is next generation security.

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