Your security control room

The Boundary app gives you complete control. Easy to set up and a joy to use, this phone app makes you feel like a security expert.

Set and unset with a swipe and check your sensors in seconds. If your alarm is triggered you’ll be the first to know with instant notifications.

This box set comes without the drama.

Human-centred design combined with security intelligence to give you the edge.

The Hub

Quietly working to protect you behind the scenes. Capable of monitoring and controlling up to 64 connected devices securely. Identifies all changes and threats. It is the working brain of the Boundary system.

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Motion sensors

Stylish, unobtrusive and fiendishly clever. Lightening fast detection speed. Constantly self-monitoring and reporting to the hub.

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Mobile App

Make the system yours. Customise and control your system from anywhere. See in an instant what’s happening. Android and Apple compatible.

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Door and window

When armed any unauthorised entry will set off the alarm and notify you as to tell you what’s been opened. Tamper-proof, yet stunningly easy to fit.

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Outdoor siren

A clear sign to intruders to keep on walking. Battery powered with a full year of battery life. Lights up after dark. And can knock out 95 decibels when required.

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Smart home

Boundary integrates easily with other devices while remaining smart by design. And, with the Internet of Things Security Foundation Best Practice thumbs up you know you’re buying into an ecosystem capable of protecting you for many years to come.

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The ultimate deterrent. The police.

Choose what you want to happen if your alarm is triggered. Real-time notifications. Calls to designated keyholders. Or, for maximum protection, 24/7 professional monitoring with a Level 1 police response. You can be asleep on a plane in a different timezone, your alarm will never be ignored.


police monitored response alarm

Make your pet invisible

You don’t want your favourite furball triggering the alarm. Boundary sensors are pet-friendly. They can be accurately sensitized to ignore pets up to 35kg. (Your average labrador.) Or, create a pet-friendly area. Leave your pet free to pad around while your window and doors sensors remain active.


pet friendly pir motion sensor

Secure your home in privacy

Not everyone wants cameras recording inside their home. Never mind hours and hours of that video sitting in the cloud. Using our intelligent long range motion sensors instead gives you the ultimate combination of smart protection and privacy. Designed to meet a level of accuracy and reliability reserved only for graded alarm systems. (Certification pending)


Outsmart crime in your sleep

Some thieves are opportunists, others use more sophisticated trickery like jamming or mimicking your system to get in. Boundary protects against all known threats. Every component has been designed and is being tested to meet Grade 2 UK and European alarm standards. Put it this way, Grades 3 and 4 are used to protect banks. *Certification pending.


One touch exit.

Need to leave in a hurry? No stress. Just touch your key fob to the Hub and go. And if you forget? You can arm and disarm Boundary from anywhere using your phone.


geofencing burglar alarm

  • Outsmart all known threats

  • Optional police response

  • End-to-end encryption

  • Designed to meet UK & European Standards *Certification pending

  • Connects to other smart devices

Pairing with privacy

Boundary connects easily with other smart home devices. Have fun creating arrival and exit routines for lights and speakers with the satisfaction of knowing it's all built on a seriously secure smart alarm system.

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Samsung SmartThings

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