Safeguard your home

Your home is part of who you are. It is part of your identity. Just as you safeguard who you are, you need to safeguard what you have. Find just some of the key features of Boundary below, a system designed to work seamlessly with your life, protecting your home.

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Ease of use

With an entry level price point that makes it instantly accessible, the product can be adapted to suit individual needs. This ranges from the number of sensors to a choice of DIY installation or the use of one of our trusted professional installers.

With geolocation a key component of the user friendly app, you’ll never leave the house forgetting to set the alarm again. And able to integrate with other products in your house, including Amazon Echo, Google Home, and smart home systems, Boundary acts as the central hub to your home security.

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Home security is a rigorously structured and legislated industry so you can take confidence that Boundary complies to the British and European standards for intruder alarm systems (BS EN 50131).

Cutting edge technology supports a simple, clear, process of three tiers of monitoring. This includes self-monitoring which instantly notifies you via the app if the alarm sounds, and keyholder response which will automatically call a pre agreed list of contacts — or even the police if this level of monitoring is chosen. The ultimate peace of mind, wherever you head is at.

Although flexibility is a key function of the system, even going as far as being able to install it yourself thanks to its intuitive user system, our pro-installers of network certified engineers can also fit it for you (this is a requirement if police monitoring is activated on your system).

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What you get

Boundary has a set of core components which every single customer will receive. The rest, from the set-up to the ongoing monthly cost, is down to you.

Central Hub

Responsible for monitoring and controlling all connected devices, and able to identify changes, threats and analyse alarms and alerts, it is the working brain of the boundary system.

Door and window contact

Deployed to detect unauthorised opening of windows and doors. These sensors are wireless so that cables do not have to be put in place.

Motion sensors

Wireless & pet safe, these detectors detect any human motion when you are not at home. These devices use industry standard infra-red detection to trigger an alert should there be any movement in your home while the alarm is armed.

Outdoor sounder

An external alarm device that sounds and flashes bright lights should the alarm be activated, allowing for quick visual identification of any issue by responders.


Our intuitive app allows remote monitoring of all sensors allowing you complete control of your boundary. Boundary Alarm app will be compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Smart home integrations

Boundary smart home security system will integrate with 3rd party services, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Philips Hue to bring you added benefits such as turning your home lighting on if an intruder is detected.